Legends Park

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Nitegator

Last year Memphis Housing Authority recently began demolition of Dixie Homes located on Poplar. Legends Park, the $20 million Hope VI project will replace the site with a mixed income housing development.

The “Legends Park” name recognizes former residents of the neighborhood, including community activist Cornelia Crenshaw; the Washington Post’s first black editor Dorothy Butler Gilliam; musician Alfred Rudd; insurance executive Harold Brooks; and entrepreneur and Shelby County Commissioner J.W. Gibson. Joe B. Scott, who played for the Memphis Red Sox of the Negro Baseball Leagues, played ball at “the dirt field” which was located at Peach and Ayers.

The 38-acre development is bordered by Poplar, Ayers, Decatur and I-40.Legends Park is part of a $165 million public-private development that includes University Place on Lamar and is partially funded by a Hope VI grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

I have been at the groundbreaking of many of the Hope VI Projects in the city. Im writing about this because of the media coverage that Legends Park is getting. It seems like the reporters that attend these events have other agendas on their mind. The media in this case is reporting about the crime that was present when Dixie Holmes was occupied. Naturally the tenants had to move when demolition started. The media cannot find anything better to talk about than the crime. Legends Park will be a very nice community, based on the complete projects of the College Park, University Place and Uptown. The media made no references to this communities when they reported on Legends Park, but I will. I-240 @ Crump is the location of University Place, very nice, Danny Thomas @ Jackson is part of Uptown, another nice place, go down to College @ Walker you have College Park.

For 69 years Dixie Holmes has rested on the edge of the Medical Center, Legends Park expected to be completed in 2011 with its private parking, two parks, fountains, a community pool, playground, day care center and a computer training facility, will stand just as proud and the only issue the media can report about is, ‘will the crime return’, PLEASE !!!!

Legends Park will reserve 320 units for affordable housing. 110 units will be rented out at market prices, which start at $625 a month for a one-bedroom apartment and go up to $950 a month for a three-bedroom unit.

Memphis lets get excited about the rebirth of this neighborhood.

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