Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Nitegator

Often we look past the suits, ties, shirts. But it the old tale, you can judge a man by the shoes he wares. Im not knocking Obama, im sure he has never picked up his shoes and looked at the bottom of them, but im sure he knew that something was wrong with the shoes. Obama seems to be a good man who wants the american dream. This photo is one of those small issues that we all face ‘im human just like you’. Im sure some see this as ammo for the election, some will see this as ‘hey, he’s just like me’. What ever the case, men check you shoes, just pick them up and look at the bottom. If there are holes in them, the heels are worn, the toe is scuffed, take the time to look at another pair.

  1. lcolbert says:

    It’s still a lot better than paying $150,000 for a wardrobe but saying you are for the common man. I’m sure Mr. O’Obama can afford a nice pair of shoes but he’s too busy now walking the pavement and trying to get people out to vote. He can worry about his shoes later. For now, that image speaks volumes.

  2. Bedlam says:

    Nite, Nite you right!!!! Gator Gator don’t be a hater!!!!! POP!! Obama should be ashame of this. DAME!! O’man, where in the hell have you been walking? Call Sarah and ask her for a few $$$$ Bedlam style (bitch whar mi mony!!!). Thanks dude for that roll.

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