White Power Group Meeting At Whispering Woods

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Nitegator

Whispering Woods, in Olive Branch, issued a statement Wednesday saying it was unaware of the nature of a group holding a conference there, the Euro Group , a White Supremacist lead by David Duke, are expected to gather there November 7-9.

David Duke tried to keep it a secret. Memphis David Duke is a former KKK grand wizard and ex-Louisiana state representative, something the Democrats don’t talk about, I hate to go political about this, people he is part of the KKK. Duke’s web site is publicizing the event.

The general manager of Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center resigned Wednesday afternoon because of threats related to the white-power group. The resignation came after the Memphis based Mid South Peace and Justice Center distributed an e-mail to members containing Murray’s work telephone number and work e-mail address.

The group initially identified its event as an environmental advocacy conference, and Whispering Woods mailed a contract. The environmental group’s name was crossed out and replaced with the European American Unity name when the contract was returned. The contract was then signed by a hotel official without close inspection of the change.

Memphis white power support has gained ground in the Mid-South recently, and apparently the group picked the area for its conference to energize the movement. We have in custody two skinhead, for plotting to kill 88 blacks and behead 14 blacks along with the assignation of Barack Obama.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The KKK can kiss my ass

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