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Pro Duffers 26th Christmas Banquet

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Nitegator

This is the season of giving, people have been shopping, trying to find great bargains, make a list of who to send cards to, find token gift and get into the holiday spirit, but how many times do we stop and call the MED, MIFA or the Food Bank to tell them ‘We have a check for you’. That’s what the Pro Duffers South, a golf club, has done, not just this year but over the past 20 plus years with some organizations.

If you were downtown Saturday and happen to drive by the Junior Achievement of Memphis Building, you would have seen the Pro Duffers South having their 26th Annual Christmas Banquet there. This is the time the Pro Duffers present checks to organizations, install elected officers, present the Pro Duffer Of The Year Award, a very important night for the 60 golf members. Crave Catering did a wonderful menu for the event, with sausage stuffed mushrooms as h’orderves, I think I ate around 25 of them.

A video of Destiny Child was showing on two screens as the Pro Duffers quickly filled the room. The invocation was given by Leon Griffin and dinner was served. Marinaded and grilled pork chops, marinaded roast beef, potatoes ,asparagus, dinner rolls and salad. Crave, you did a wonderful job!

President Carl Herring spoke about the club’s activities and the positions of officers. Carl thanked all the officers and members that has supported him the past two years.

Abdullah Hasan has been the tournament Director for eight years, Abdullah decided that eight years was enough. Abdullah spoke about the eleven tournaments that the Pro Duffers have, two of the tournaments would be considered ‘majors’ to the group. They are the Sickle Cell Tournament and the Club Championship. Tournament Director is one of the most important position in the club, if your a golfer you know what im talking about. Michael Terrell is the 2008 Pro Duffer’s Club Champion.

William Terrell spoke about the Sickle Cell Tournament, Terrell is over the fundraising and Sickle Cell Committee. Terrell spoke about the two day tournament and the Pairings Party. From that event $10,000 was raised for the Diggs Kraus Sickle Foundation at The MED. Terrell thanked all the members that supported him and gave special gifts to Anne Belle Terrell and Trina Payne for their help for the fundraiser.

John Payne is the Pro Duffer’s National Tournament Director, he spoke about the 2008 National Convention and urged that the members plan a National trip, the golfers have a Spring Fling and a National Convention, oh I forgot to mention that the Pro Duffers have chapters in Washington DC, Dallas, Little Rock, Atlanta, Philadelphia, N. Virginia, Houston, N/S Carolina and a new chapter in Orlando, FL.

Memphis, the director of The Diggs Kraus Sickle Cell Center, Pat Adams Graves MD gave a in-depth speech of the recent break through in the Sickle Cell research. Graves is very active with the Pro Duffers and the Sickle Cell Tournament. Graves explained the distribution of the funding and how the money raised help the adult patients.

All of the members of the Pro Duffers have important duties some are on committees, some are officers, some are ‘glue’ that was a term a member used, you know, hold things together. There are always times where one member go that extra mile, this is the Pro Duffer Of The Year. This year there are co-Pro Duffers Of The Year, Abdullah Hasan and William Woodruff.

The elected officers were Installed also, they are President Holloway Adair, Vice-President Robert Jefferson, Secretary William Moore, Treasurer Clyde Saunders, Tournament Director Brian Boulware, Parliamentarian Marty Aussenberg. I gave the camera to Larry Colbert, he took the picture, great shot Larry, thanks. Photos can be seen on the web site.

Now its time to leave, everyone is happy, the food was great, we have a clearer understanding of the Sickle Cell’s research, the club has new officers what else could you ask for….. how about the poinsettias that were on the table, yes Memphis we took the poinsettias, why do people give these things away? Oh well I guess that’s another story.

Merry Christmas Pro Duffers, see you next year.

This past weekend I went to the 15th Wedding Anniversary of my cousin Kim and Dennis. I expected something different, you know the old crowd getting together looking to see who’s not showing up, checking out how everybody was dressed and most of all eat all the food.

Memphis, I was totally wrong, especially about this night. Were talking about Kim and Dennis and their friends did not let this night go by without them knowing it.

Remember this is Thanksgiving Evening at 7:00, after everyone has eaten turkey, ham, all the traditional thanksgiving dinner, after everyone has visited their families, friends, grandparents, and tried to catch the last play of the football game, Kim and Dennis got a packed room of friends and family members. Both families took the time from what ever schedule they had and decided to spend the rest of the evening with these two. And this was not a boring crowd, they came in ready for a good time, I know, I was there. Memphis if that is not showing love to these two, tell me what is.

Mark Baker was the DJ and live entertainment, he kept the musical atmosphere together and did a great sax performances for the couple. Mark opened the evening with the Lords Prayer, while this was going on, there, silently in the corner, pass Margaret, behind Kelvin and Tara, was a movie. A movie showing the past 15 years Kim and Dennis, pictures of places they have been, scenes from their houses, cars and of course dogs. The ending credits mentioned the names of past family members, ending with Harold. By the time Mark finished, Harold’s names was on the screen, the room was in tears.

I took the pictures of the event, thats my photo of the wedding party 15 years ago, would you believe that Kim thought I wasn’t there, (that’s another story). To see the pictures you have to got to the site

The menu was Hot Wings, Shrimp, BBQ, Potatoes Au Gratin, Salad, Mixed Fruit, Punch and Champaign. There was enough for everyone, it seemed like a big indoor family reunion. Then came the Toss and Roast, Eric got the mic and did he bring the room to the floor. Eric passed the mic around to those that wanted to Toss or Roast Kim or Dennis, even Kelvin got the mic and expressed his feelings.

Then came the time for the dancing and cake cutting, that’s where my camera gear was set up however I took it down, all the photos I needed were taken in the other room. Let me tell you Mark got everybody on the dance floor even Angela got out her wheelchair to do some moves. There was the Kim and Dennis dance then the guess joined the floor.

Dennis like that Johnny Taylor era music, and you couldn’t get him off the floor, Mark got a soul Train line going with all the past dances exhibiting the old school moves, Mark got those group dances going, I cannot name them but he did. I’m looking through the camera lens and I see Dennis’s Mother on the floor, she had a great time. Memphis, let me tell you, this is no lie Mark Actually Brought The Roof Down!!!, the ceiling was actually falling in.

By this time It was time for me to go, so I packed my gear and said my goodbye to everyone, I don’t’ know how long the party lasted but from My conversation with Kim later, they had a great time.

Congratulation Kim and Dennis for 15 years of Marriage.

Memphis Police have charged 17 year old Evan Johnson with one count First Degree Murder for the fatal shooting of a convenience store owner named Fada Zhao. Zhao death was caught on store surveillance cameras in November. His 38 year old daughter was also shot. She was taken to the Med and has been upgraded to stable conditions. His store is located on Chelsea.

You know how we buy those bears, and flowers, please if your in the area drop something by the store to show some kind of concern.

If you have seen the video you will notice something, the shooter only wanted to do one thing, ‘kill somebody’, the main reason of this post. We always talk about cleaning up the community, working with youths in the city, youth ministries, and getting gang activities off the streets.

Memphis all this is bullshit, and we turn duck and dodge every issue that plague our streets. I know that this is a tough job for every citizen, police , minister, parent and friend, but look at what we do. Evan is only 17 years old and walked in the store shooting. On the streets, in some groups, Evan made rank, and a killing on tv put him up in status, once in jail he will not be treated as a criminal, he will be ‘the man’ with a homicide stripe, the average citizen just don’t get it.

This has nothing to do with gangs at all, it the street mentality of some groups. Life is not considered valuable to some of these groups, that’s why the shooting in the city is so common. We have to do something about the input the minds receive. This is going back to BET, VIDEO GAMES, SOME MUSIC. If you think im kidding, listen to the language that is used, find the source, look at the way we have started dressing, find the source, watch the attitudes of most people, find the source. Im not pointing fingers, im pointing at possible sources that have corrupted the minds of some people.

Have anyone tried to stop this……Hell No !!! It’s like the drug problem, as long as you benefit you ok with it. Robberies, as long as you can get that plasma 54 inch for $100.00 your ok with it. We know good and well that brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and friends get involved in bad activities, half of us know of someone that has rob a person, broke into someone’s house, shot a person, and we still keep our mouth shut.

This is what im talking about. We just accept wrong and then put on this ‘im so concerned’ face. I watched the video of a person that stays next door to the Pali Market and also knows the gunman. Bullshit again and you know it, he just wanted to be on camera, he knew what was going on all the time. Notice he says ” I would’ve never though it would be him when I saw the cat running out the store.” He was thinking it was somebody else, and didn’t contact the police.

Do you see what im saying?