Shooting Suspect Caught, Are You Surprised ?

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Nitegator

Memphis Police have charged 17 year old Evan Johnson with one count First Degree Murder for the fatal shooting of a convenience store owner named Fada Zhao. Zhao death was caught on store surveillance cameras in November. His 38 year old daughter was also shot. She was taken to the Med and has been upgraded to stable conditions. His store is located on Chelsea.

You know how we buy those bears, and flowers, please if your in the area drop something by the store to show some kind of concern.

If you have seen the video you will notice something, the shooter only wanted to do one thing, ‘kill somebody’, the main reason of this post. We always talk about cleaning up the community, working with youths in the city, youth ministries, and getting gang activities off the streets.

Memphis all this is bullshit, and we turn duck and dodge every issue that plague our streets. I know that this is a tough job for every citizen, police , minister, parent and friend, but look at what we do. Evan is only 17 years old and walked in the store shooting. On the streets, in some groups, Evan made rank, and a killing on tv put him up in status, once in jail he will not be treated as a criminal, he will be ‘the man’ with a homicide stripe, the average citizen just don’t get it.

This has nothing to do with gangs at all, it the street mentality of some groups. Life is not considered valuable to some of these groups, that’s why the shooting in the city is so common. We have to do something about the input the minds receive. This is going back to BET, VIDEO GAMES, SOME MUSIC. If you think im kidding, listen to the language that is used, find the source, look at the way we have started dressing, find the source, watch the attitudes of most people, find the source. Im not pointing fingers, im pointing at possible sources that have corrupted the minds of some people.

Have anyone tried to stop this……Hell No !!! It’s like the drug problem, as long as you benefit you ok with it. Robberies, as long as you can get that plasma 54 inch for $100.00 your ok with it. We know good and well that brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and friends get involved in bad activities, half of us know of someone that has rob a person, broke into someone’s house, shot a person, and we still keep our mouth shut.

This is what im talking about. We just accept wrong and then put on this ‘im so concerned’ face. I watched the video of a person that stays next door to the Pali Market and also knows the gunman. Bullshit again and you know it, he just wanted to be on camera, he knew what was going on all the time. Notice he says ” I would’ve never though it would be him when I saw the cat running out the store.” He was thinking it was somebody else, and didn’t contact the police.

Do you see what im saying?

  1. Bedlam says:

    Nitegator, you ok? Nitegater said a bad word, Nitegater said a bad word. You be careful there.

  2. Nitegator says:

    Hi Bedlam, sorry about that, sometimes you have to say something to get some attention. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Anonymous says:

    your hit the nail right on the head Nitegator

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