Pro Duffers 26th Christmas Banquet

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Nitegator

This is the season of giving, people have been shopping, trying to find great bargains, make a list of who to send cards to, find token gift and get into the holiday spirit, but how many times do we stop and call the MED, MIFA or the Food Bank to tell them ‘We have a check for you’. That’s what the Pro Duffers South, a golf club, has done, not just this year but over the past 20 plus years with some organizations.

If you were downtown Saturday and happen to drive by the Junior Achievement of Memphis Building, you would have seen the Pro Duffers South having their 26th Annual Christmas Banquet there. This is the time the Pro Duffers present checks to organizations, install elected officers, present the Pro Duffer Of The Year Award, a very important night for the 60 golf members. Crave Catering did a wonderful menu for the event, with sausage stuffed mushrooms as h’orderves, I think I ate around 25 of them.

A video of Destiny Child was showing on two screens as the Pro Duffers quickly filled the room. The invocation was given by Leon Griffin and dinner was served. Marinaded and grilled pork chops, marinaded roast beef, potatoes ,asparagus, dinner rolls and salad. Crave, you did a wonderful job!

President Carl Herring spoke about the club’s activities and the positions of officers. Carl thanked all the officers and members that has supported him the past two years.

Abdullah Hasan has been the tournament Director for eight years, Abdullah decided that eight years was enough. Abdullah spoke about the eleven tournaments that the Pro Duffers have, two of the tournaments would be considered ‘majors’ to the group. They are the Sickle Cell Tournament and the Club Championship. Tournament Director is one of the most important position in the club, if your a golfer you know what im talking about. Michael Terrell is the 2008 Pro Duffer’s Club Champion.

William Terrell spoke about the Sickle Cell Tournament, Terrell is over the fundraising and Sickle Cell Committee. Terrell spoke about the two day tournament and the Pairings Party. From that event $10,000 was raised for the Diggs Kraus Sickle Foundation at The MED. Terrell thanked all the members that supported him and gave special gifts to Anne Belle Terrell and Trina Payne for their help for the fundraiser.

John Payne is the Pro Duffer’s National Tournament Director, he spoke about the 2008 National Convention and urged that the members plan a National trip, the golfers have a Spring Fling and a National Convention, oh I forgot to mention that the Pro Duffers have chapters in Washington DC, Dallas, Little Rock, Atlanta, Philadelphia, N. Virginia, Houston, N/S Carolina and a new chapter in Orlando, FL.

Memphis, the director of The Diggs Kraus Sickle Cell Center, Pat Adams Graves MD gave a in-depth speech of the recent break through in the Sickle Cell research. Graves is very active with the Pro Duffers and the Sickle Cell Tournament. Graves explained the distribution of the funding and how the money raised help the adult patients.

All of the members of the Pro Duffers have important duties some are on committees, some are officers, some are ‘glue’ that was a term a member used, you know, hold things together. There are always times where one member go that extra mile, this is the Pro Duffer Of The Year. This year there are co-Pro Duffers Of The Year, Abdullah Hasan and William Woodruff.

The elected officers were Installed also, they are President Holloway Adair, Vice-President Robert Jefferson, Secretary William Moore, Treasurer Clyde Saunders, Tournament Director Brian Boulware, Parliamentarian Marty Aussenberg. I gave the camera to Larry Colbert, he took the picture, great shot Larry, thanks. Photos can be seen on the web site.

Now its time to leave, everyone is happy, the food was great, we have a clearer understanding of the Sickle Cell’s research, the club has new officers what else could you ask for….. how about the poinsettias that were on the table, yes Memphis we took the poinsettias, why do people give these things away? Oh well I guess that’s another story.

Merry Christmas Pro Duffers, see you next year.

  1. Anonymous says:

    great post nitegator, $10,000 is a lot of money raised.

  2. ldcolbert says:

    Great job William, you have a wealth of talent. I hope all our members know what a “Treasure” you are to the club.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nitegator that is nice of the Pro Duffers to raise monies for the MED. I went to your site and see that the group also donated to MIFA and Food Bank. Thats great.

  4. Bineet says:

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