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Another Night With The Riverkings

Posted: January 25, 2009 in Nitegator

Saturday night we went to the Mississippi RiverKings game, our favorite sport, and had a great time. Something was in the air this night, within five minutes of the game the RiverKings had scored 2 goals and had a quick spat with the Laredo Bucks. I missed the goals because I was punished for not getting to the Arena in time for Kat to get a goodie bag. So I had to go get a great tasting chicken Alfredo from the Fazole Vender.

If you haven’t been to a RiverKings game you don’t know what your missing. Hockey in the Mid South, humm, you have to look up how many years the RiverKings been here , how about since 1986, now back to the game, Boom another goal within five minutes of the game. Laredo scored at 15:49 within the first half.

Now it cold where we sit, most of the time 1-3 rows behind the team boxes, near ‘Puckhead’, and Kat was freezing, I wasn’t I had on long johns. Then the first fight started, Memphis every time our player makes contact the arena goes wild…. wild I tell you!

We won that fight, they go to the penalty box. The game goes on and the RiverKings are leading 3-1 in the first period. Let me tell you about this, my friend Larry was telling me about the time he went to a hockey game and got ready to leave after the second period, it was kind of funny hearing this from Larry… shhhhh he didn’t know that the game had three periods. I loved that story from him, he’s a good friend and Kat and I will try to get him at a game this season.

Second period started and Kat is more relaxed now, she has gotten over the fact that I didn’t think the 500 goodie bags they passed to the first 500 women (children included) would go that quick, I didn’t know that. She’s cheering and into the game when another fight start, this was good one too, as usual we won that fight. Now the crowd is electrified from the fights and the performance of the players, end of second period, I think the score was 4-1. Now Memphis this was kind of weird, as the players came in from the break I noticed that 87 and 44 had a quick conversation in reference to a battle on the ice, the puck drops there is another fight, four by my count, and the crowd is going wild!, then, then, then, two minutes in the period 87 and 44 go at it, this was a good one too, like ‘Boxing On Ice’, we won that fight but my suspicions are up now.

Boom! Boom! Boom! its THING right behind me, giving me a hug and Kat a kiss, Thing is one of the mascots, if you have attended a game you spend more time looking at Thing than the game. Some how Laredo scored and brought the game to 5-2. Everybody knew the river would win this, then from out of the blue Laredo scored again now the score is 5-3. Memphis we don’t like this but have to accept it. Game over RiverKings 5, Laredo 3, everyone is leaving the arena, Im looking wide eyed to see if someone left a goodie bag, YES I would have taken it.

Oh well, It was another great night of entertainment, different from the Grizzlies, Tigers, Redbirds, Memphis…. its Hockey, played in Southaven, off Church Rd. Check it out, you might find that you like it.