Archive for February, 2009, has posted Tennessee’s right to carry permit holder list online! apparently feels that the “public’s right to know” outweighs your right to privacy. Their decision to publish this list has made it easier for criminals to target law-abiding gun owners. When the list was first published, it even included permit holders home address! removed the permit holders’ address but still included their full name, birth date, city, zip code, and the issue and expiration date of their permit. Let’s keep the pressure on to have this list removed completely by contacting IMMEDIATELY, as well as its President and Publisher, Joseph Pepe. can be reached at (901) 529-2345 or 1-800-444-6397. Joseph Pepe, President and Publisher can be reached at (901) 529-2205 or via email by clicking here. Also, contact your State Legislators TODAY and respectfully urge them to support concealed carry permit holder confidentiality legislation.

To find contact information for your State Legislators, please click here. To read NRA Chief Lobbyist and Tennessee native Chris Cox’s letter to the Commercial Appeal, please click here. Also, please vote in the Memphis web poll located half way down the page at:

Charlie Sifford earned his Tour card in 1960 at the age of 39. One year later the PGA removed its “whites-only” rule from its constitution. He began work as a caddy at the age of thirteen. Later he competed in the golf tournaments that black golfers organized for themselves as they were excluded from the PGA of America, and worked as a personal golf coach for band leader Billy Eckstine. He first attempted to qualify for a PGA Tour event at the 1952 Phoenix Open, using an invitation obtained by former World heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis. Sifford is a symbolic reminder of courage and determination and was part of a movement that changed America.

Certainly, there were many changes in 1961, when Mr. Sifford became the first black to play fulltime on the PGA Tour. Sifford was part of the post World War II civil rights movement that included track star Jesse Owens, James Meredith, boxer Joe Louis, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and, many others that broke major color barriers because of the shameful conditions ‘Whites Only’. If you search the PGA files for black faces you will find Rafe Botts, Pete Brown, Jim Dent, Calvin Peete, Curtis Sifford, Nathaniel Starks, Bobby Stroble, Jim Thorpe, Charlie Sifford, Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods. Yes, I through Vijay in, comment if you don’t like It. On the LPGA you will find tennis great Althea Gibson, Renee Powell, LaRee Pearl Sugg, and Andia Winslow. Our past is not as distant as we sometimes try to pretend it is.

Even though he was 39 when he joined the PGA, better late, than never is the story of Charlie Sifford.

1952 UGA National Negro Open
1953 UGA National Negro Open

1954 UGA National Negro Open

1955 UGA
National Negro Open
1956 UGA National Negro Open, Rhode Island Open

1957 Long Beach Open

1960 UGA National Negro Open, Almaden Open (one year prior to becoming a PGA Tour event)

1963 Puerto Rico Open

1967 Greater Hartford Open Invitational
(PGA Tour)
1969 Los Angeles Open (PGA Tour)

1971 Sea Pines

Senior PGA Tour wins

1980 Suntree Classic
Other senior wins
1975 PG
A Seniors’ Championship
1988 Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf – Legendary Division (with Roberto DeVicenzo)

1989 Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf – Legendary Division (with Roberto DeVicenzo)
1991 Liberty
Mutual Legends of Golf – Legendary Division (with Roberto DeVicenzo)
1998 Liberty M
utual Legends of Golf – Demaret Division (with Joe Jimenez)
1999 Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf – Demaret Division (with Jo
e Jimenez)
2000 Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf – Demaret Division (with Joe Jimenez)

In 2004, Sifford became the first African American inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. On June 22, 2006, he received an honorary degree from the University of St Andrews as a Doctor of Laws. He also received the 2007 Old Tom Morris Award from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, GCSAA’s highest honor.

In 2009, the Northern Trust Open created an exemption for a player who represents the advancement of diversity in golf; it is named in honor of Sifford and is referred to as the Charlie Sifford Exemption. Appropriately credited for changing the face of golf, toughened by a tour where the participants were white. Sifford faced the challenges and did the impossible.

The date for the broadcasting digital conversion has passed, yeah there is an extension on the complete crossover but I meet the February 14th date that has hunted me for the past eight months. I don’t know exactly when I got the boxes but I did get them with the coupons that were offered through the mail. That forty dollars was a blessing considering I got two DTX9950 boxes and I need two more. Why I’m not trying to get some cable, direct tv or something from Comcast, well Memphis to me there is nothing worth watching from these sources, I would rather have the conversion box setup…. that’s why I have it.

It was an easy procedure connecting, open box, two hookups and turning on the box and tv, the menu took you step by step for the channels around ten minutes tops for the complete process. Digital offered better picture quality. Don’t get the snow on channel 50, channel 24 is clear and 30 is fine. I did get more channels around 11 more and I get to watch ‘The Incredible Hulk’. There are some problems that are not mentioned with these conversion boxes, not enough for me to switch to some cable but they do have a few problems.

Problem One. “Weak or no signal.” I don’t know what is wrong with channel 5 and 5 (1), yeah two channel 5’s. during the day its fine, around 6 no signal. This is not just me but other people that have boxes. The shop has no channel five reading at all. Channel 14 is one of the off/on signals, im not worried about this channel, I don’t watch this one anyway. Channel 13 weak, both the picture and sound might freeze or break up to the point that it’s not watchable. It always act up during the Bernie Mac Show, dame! Although you can use the remote to switch from digital/analog I just keep it on digital and change channels.

Digital signals are transmitted mainly over the UHF band, channel 14 and higher. Analog stations are in the VHF band, channels 2-13. The UHF band is more directional than VHF and more sensitive to obstacles you know trees, buildings that stuff. I’m going to replace that old antenna with a modern VHF-high-band+UHF antenna and a preamplifier just in case im missing something.

Problem Two “Volume”. With the converter box you get digital volume and from the tv you get the ‘tv’ volume. If you have the tv volume high and adjust the convertor box volume you start to pick up ‘white noise’ and now your playing with both volumes to get a great sound. This is not a big problem but it does exists.

So far im still happy with the advances in broadcast, im still not getting some cable/satellite or what ever. Most of the time im watching DVDs anyway. You can’t beat the surround system I have setup. JUST LIKE THE MOVIES.

Pay Attention, While Im Teeing Off

Posted: February 3, 2009 in Nitegator

I could not stop laughing when I saw this commercial during the Super Bowl game. I found it funny because of a scene that I think could really happen. That is the golf scene, this is so real! If your a golfer you know what im talking about. Another good scene is the guy changing the light, that has happened to me, but not to that extent.