Got The Converter Box, Where’s My Signal !

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Nitegator

The date for the broadcasting digital conversion has passed, yeah there is an extension on the complete crossover but I meet the February 14th date that has hunted me for the past eight months. I don’t know exactly when I got the boxes but I did get them with the coupons that were offered through the mail. That forty dollars was a blessing considering I got two DTX9950 boxes and I need two more. Why I’m not trying to get some cable, direct tv or something from Comcast, well Memphis to me there is nothing worth watching from these sources, I would rather have the conversion box setup…. that’s why I have it.

It was an easy procedure connecting, open box, two hookups and turning on the box and tv, the menu took you step by step for the channels around ten minutes tops for the complete process. Digital offered better picture quality. Don’t get the snow on channel 50, channel 24 is clear and 30 is fine. I did get more channels around 11 more and I get to watch ‘The Incredible Hulk’. There are some problems that are not mentioned with these conversion boxes, not enough for me to switch to some cable but they do have a few problems.

Problem One. “Weak or no signal.” I don’t know what is wrong with channel 5 and 5 (1), yeah two channel 5’s. during the day its fine, around 6 no signal. This is not just me but other people that have boxes. The shop has no channel five reading at all. Channel 14 is one of the off/on signals, im not worried about this channel, I don’t watch this one anyway. Channel 13 weak, both the picture and sound might freeze or break up to the point that it’s not watchable. It always act up during the Bernie Mac Show, dame! Although you can use the remote to switch from digital/analog I just keep it on digital and change channels.

Digital signals are transmitted mainly over the UHF band, channel 14 and higher. Analog stations are in the VHF band, channels 2-13. The UHF band is more directional than VHF and more sensitive to obstacles you know trees, buildings that stuff. I’m going to replace that old antenna with a modern VHF-high-band+UHF antenna and a preamplifier just in case im missing something.

Problem Two “Volume”. With the converter box you get digital volume and from the tv you get the ‘tv’ volume. If you have the tv volume high and adjust the convertor box volume you start to pick up ‘white noise’ and now your playing with both volumes to get a great sound. This is not a big problem but it does exists.

So far im still happy with the advances in broadcast, im still not getting some cable/satellite or what ever. Most of the time im watching DVDs anyway. You can’t beat the surround system I have setup. JUST LIKE THE MOVIES.

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