Winners From The 18th Annual LR Tournament

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Nitegator
18th Annual Little Rock ProDuffers Golf Tournament To Benefit
The Arkansas Foundation for Sickle Cell Support
Stonelinks Golf Course May 23-24, 2009


Senior Flight
1st Place Lee Jeffrey——$120.00
2nd Place Will Simmons–$100.00
3rd Place Bill Terrell——-$80.00

1st Place Carson Fields—-$120.00
2nd Place Arvis Harper—-$100.00
3rd Place Jodie Carter——$ 40.00 Tie
3rd Place Reggie Bolden–$ 40.00 Tie

“B” Flight
1st Place Lonnie Watson—-$100.00 Tie
1st Place William Cochran–$100.00 Tie
1st Place Carl Herring——-$100.00 Tie

“C” Flight
1st Place Mike Desmuke—$120.00
2nd Place Derek Lewis—–$ 90.00 Tie
2nd Place Jerome Chaulk–$ 90.00 Tie

Special Flight (60/40) 2 places only
1st Place John Payne———$60.00
2nd Place Charlie Neal——-$40.00

Saturday Skins
#1 Roy Edwards———–$123.00
#7 Greg Holmes———–$123.00
#11 Greg Holmes———$123.00

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