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Davy Crockett, Fox Meadows, Overton, Pine Hill, Riverside, and Whitehaven will be close Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. This is an effort to save money. I thought about these golf courses as I was reading this article, and started wondering, does any one care? I have played these courses many times, when I started the game you would find me at Riverside almost every day slicing a ball on #1. Here I’m looking at these courses and place some thought on the city’s decision, not bad if you consider:

Davy Crockett: 18-hole, 6,224 yards, par 72, rating is 68.5 , slope 118. Designed by Harry Isabell, opened in 1961. Always empty, anyone playing there becomes a mosquito magnet, bad fairways, dirt greens. Loses around $300,000 annually. The city planned to close the Crockett once before, Council members, including E.C. Jones, decided to approve an additional $69,000 in the budget to keep the course open. Very boring course, Go to T. O. Fuller, the designs are similar.

Fox Meadows: 18-hole, 6,545 yards, par 71, rating 70.0, slope 115. Designed by Chic Adams, opened in 1961. Has a nice crowd, fairways nice, plenty of geese, lakes. You have a nice time if you’re a weekend golfer, better then Crockett.

Overton Park: 9-hole, 2,222 yards, par 34, opened in 1906. Sucks, don’t waste your time. A golfer can take a 6 iron, 9 iron, wedge and putter for this course. Be careful when you’re going through the woods, the area is a hot zone for male prostitution. Don’t waste your time there.

Pine Hill: 18-hole, 5,908 yards, par 71, opened in 1932. I played Pine Hill after I thought I was better then Riverside. This course is the upgrade of Riverside anyway. It’s always busy, the Bro’s play this course most of the time. You always see a familiar face here. Its kinda in the center of the south area courses, meaning…to the north you have Overton Park, to the west you have Riverside, to the east you have Fox Meadows and to the south you have Whitehaven. Pine Hill’s problem is you have to buy golf ball from this guy that hunts balls in the stinky creek, this hustler will interrupt you everywhere. He know the cars as you pull into the lot. The course is nice, you can’t lose a ball unless you have your eyes closed when teeing off. Tiger Woods made a visit to Pine Hill in 1997 when he started his inner-city golf clinic. Play here if you want, I normally skip this course.

Riverside: 9 holes, par 36, Mississippi River on #2 (use to be #1), built in 1908. Redesigned and re-opened in 2007. I started playing at this course. It’s better then Overton. If you like looking for balls this is the course, beginners come here and lose almost every ball they carry, #2, #3, #4, #7 is ball heaven. I don’t play there now, it has it place for a golfer, where I Don’t Know. Go there with your kids when they start playing.

Whitehaven: 9-hole, 2,460 yards, par 36, designed by Kevin Tucker, re-opened in 2006. I like the old course better, been here once… go to North Creek.

Will the schedule of these courses really effect the golfers that consider, Plantation, Cherokee, Wedgewood, North Creek, Tunica National, Cottonwood, T. O. Fuller, Orgill, Forest Hill, Galloway, Audubon, Quail Ridge, and many others that skirt the city.

I don’t think so.