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MIRIMICHI. This is a name a golfer will remember, especially if that golfer has played this course. Located in Millington, formally known as Big Creek, MIRIMICHI is another championship course you must play.

Memphis needs to get their act together because outside of basketball, to me Golf is the next sport that draws big bucks. Forget the closings of courses on certain days, save two days from any city course and head to MIRIMICHI. The course is still under construction, but it does not effect the 18 holes that are open.

No.1: Par 4 is straight, wide, more generous landing area for the tee shot. Many of the trees are gone and Mirimichi is letting you ease into the round. No. 2: Par 5 Generous landing area for the drive, grass will catch the tee shot if you go too far left. No. 3: Par 3 A massive waste bunker in front of the green. No. 4: Par 4 Straight, with a slight dogleg left. From the back tees, it’s a 200-yard carry over a bunker. No. 5: Par 4 A a lake in front of the tee and a waste-bunker carry on the tee shot. The bunker is 50 yards short of the green.

The layout is beautiful, rocks, accented creeks, defined lakes, water spouts. It reminds me of Greystone Country Club in Cabot, Arkansas mixed with Ross Creek Landing in Clifton, Tennessee. You have five tee to chose from Black Rock 7461 yds, Blue Sky 6988 yds, Gold Sun 6441 yds, White Sand 5728 yds, and Red Clay 5107 yds, we played the Blue Sky, I know, I was there. There’s water everywhere, I left a few balls for you ball hunters, they were not my good balls but they were nice balls.

No. 6: Par 5 Twin bunkers on each side of the fairway. No. 7: Par 4 A bunker splits the fairway of this dogleg right. The fairway was elevated up to 10 feet. There’s a lake left of the green, pot bunkers are greenside and big mounds are behind the green. No. 8: Par 3 The left side of the wide green into a lake, the tees are elevated and a pot bunker in front of green. No. 9: Par 4 A sod-layered, sand bunker in front of the green with a six-foot vertical wall of sod. No. 10: Par 4 A creek runs in front of the green that’s now long and narrow. No. 11: Par 3 A stoney creek with a waterfall flows along the right side of a two-tiered green.

Sand, let me tell you, there are 84 bunkers here some 7 feet below the greens. I didn’t have that pesky mosquito problem I have had in the past, but that heat will get you. You must stay in the fairway, if you don’t you’re in deep …you know. It looks like the rough was around 3.5 or 4 inches high, if you miss the fairway you might not find your ball, if you do, put some muscle behind it.

No. 12: Par 5 A creek borders the right side toward the fairway. A string of bunkers on the left side and 80 yards short of the green. No. 13: Par 3 Downhill and with a lake on the left side, big boulders line the shore.

No. 14: Par 4 Short, downhill, a big native-grass bunker, and a creek and lake near the green. No. 15: Par 4 A saddle fairway. No. 16: Par 4 A dogleg around a massive set of oaks on the left, three fairway bunkers to the right. Back tee box is an island on the lake. No. 17: Par 4 A creek borders the left side and the fairway has been raised and slopes left toward creek. No. 18: Par 5 A long par 5.

If you top the ball on the tee box, you might lose your ball, whatever this grass is, it’s around 14 inches tall, don’t even try to find it. The fairways are nice, I didn’t see any brown spots, dead grass areas or weeds. The greens were perfect, not fast or slow, no bumps, no burned areas. Millions of dollars has been invested in this course. Average difficulty is 113 and the highest slope rating is 155

It’s a public course and if you get the opportunity to play there, DO IT.