2009 Sickle Cell Tournament

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Pro Duffers South

Pro Duffers South has finished this Labor Day Weekend with a great tournament this year. As usual those that attend one of the Walter Evans Memorial Sickle Cell Tournament had a great time. This is a two day tournament that we have somewhere in the city, usually in Southaven, MS at North Creek Golf Course, one of those courses I mentioned in my Six Memphis Golf Courses Will Be Open 4 Days A Week post. North Creek is a great course and one I really enjoy every time I play there. I didn’t get a chance to play there Saturday, but I did get the cards from Saturday.

Here’s what happened Saturday, Harold McRae knocked the cup out of #16 with a hole-in-one, PAY THE MAN! That was the buzz Sunday during line up. Andre Southall almost did the same with closest-to-the-pin, while Michael Terrell had the Longest Drive on #3. Holloway Adair Eagled #15. I don’t think anyone fell in water, got bitten by a snake, or stuck in the swamp, you have to watch your move at North Creek. They ate lunch, talked crap and got monies from the skins.

Sunday the players came back to play. This time it was to TRY to better their score from Saturday, possibly to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd or the Championship, no money today. I know, I played Sunday. No one knocked the cup out Sunday, but there were some Eagles, Dalton Nickleberry on #8, and Felish Lee on #18. Dolton Nickleberry was the winner on closest-to-the-pin, Rodney Smith delivered the Longest drive. Again no one fell in any water, got bitten by a snake, or stuck in the swamp. We ate and waited for the scores to come in. Bet were discussed, players counted scores, and every once in a while you see someone looking at the score sheets placed on the window, trying to see what place they came in. For the record I didn’t get that ‘405’ LaSalle this time, more like ‘390’. As players waited they munched on a turkey or ham sub sandwich, bag of chips and a drink. I don’t know what they ate Saturday, I wasn’t there.

Carl then took the floor passing out money won from Saturday. Carl then start calling the winners for closest-to-the-pin and longest drives, then the winners were announced:

Senior Flight 3rd Place LaSalle Dudley
Senoir Flight 2nd Place William Terrell
Senior Flight 1st Place Clint Hoskin

Third Flight 3rd Place Edward Gaskin
Third Flight 2nd Place James Sudduth
Third Flight 1st Place Oscar Love

Second Flight 1st Place John Johnson
Second Flight 2nd Place Charles Williams
Second Flight 3rd Place Maurice Wells

First Flight 3rd Place Eric Fleming
First Flight 2nd Place Roy Edwards

First Flight 1st Place Abdullah Hasan
Championship Flight 3rd Place Rod Griggs

Championship Flight 2nd Place Miguel Burguss
Championship Flight 1st Place Dalton Nickleberry

2009 Sickle Cell Tournament Champion William Dorse, ‘PAY THE MAN!’

We had players from Nashville, TN., Little Rock, AR., Dallas, TX., and Birmingham, AL. Attending this year was Stanley Blue, Miguel Burguss, Ricks Bursey, Art Campbell, William Dorse, Steve Freeman, Rod Griggs, Richard Johnson, Tarzan Lawson, Dalton Nickleberry, Roger Smith, Thomas Sweeney, Bobby Todd, Lonnie Wyatt, Holloway Adair, Wendell Berry, William Cochran, Steve Cole, Carolyn Daniel, Roy Edwards, Eric Fleming, Abdullah Hasan, Carl Herring, Felish Lee, Larry McLaurine, Hugh Porter, Andre Southall, Lonnie Watson, Marion Brewer, Alexander Coure,, John Johnson, Steve Harris, T C Mason, Kelvin Massey, Darrell Northrup, Roger Schepman, Donald Smith, Joe Sudduth, Maurice Wells, Charles Williams, James Catchings, Larry Freeman, Edward Gaskin, L C Gordon, Joe Hewitt, Oscar Love, Larry Monger, John Payne, James Sudduth, Michael Terrell, Cecil Brown, Thomas Donald, LaSalle Dudley, Gene Fentress, John Gilder, Leon Griffin, Clint Hoskin, Robert Jefferson, Harold McRae, Ricks Mason, Robert Smith, William Terrell, Larry Colbert, Jerry Scales, Andre’ Searcy, and William Moore.

Pro Duffers South would like to thank all of those that attended this year fundraiser. I tried to collect as many e-mail addresses while I had the chance, so you will continue to receive updated information regarding this clubs activities. Trevor Thompson and William Terrell will continue collecting donations and once monies are collected that information will be placed on the Pro Duffers web page. Thank You again for making this tournament a success and we look to see you soon.

  1. Anonymous says:

    PAY THE MAN!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the scores are on the website wemcal.com click on the pro duffers link

  3. Nitegator says:

    Anon 7:54 is right the scores are on the web site direct link —->wemcal.com/duffers.htm

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