Candidates In The Memphis Mayor’s Race

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Memphis, WEMCAL

The Shelby County Election Commission released a list of Candidates in the Memphis mayor’s race. Financial Disclosures

Leo Awgowhat
Randy Cagle
Charles Carpenter
Carol Chumney
Dewey Clark
James Clingan
Menelik Fombi
Wanda Halbert
Johnny Hatcher
Robert “Prince Mongo” Hodges
Constance Houston
Dewayne Jones
E.C. Jones
Jerry Lawler
Myron Lowery
Ernest Lunati
Mary Taylor-Shelby Wright
Detric Stigall
Thomas “Silky” Sullivan
David Vinciarelli
Vuong Vaughn Vo
Sharon Webb
Kenneth Whalum Jr.
A C Wharton
John Willingham

“Anyone can win.”


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