Memphis Red Light Cameras

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Memphis

Memphis has launch a life saving red light camera program. This program will improve safety on Memphis Intersections. There are similar programs around the country, and they have resulted in a decrease in red light running and fewer collisions and injuries. Red light camera systems attract the attention of communities looking to reduce their operating expenses. In theory, the systems reduce the number of paid officers on duty, thereby decreasing overhead expenses. Additionally, the devices work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with little or no maintenance. A single officer typically reviews the film footage before citations are sent.

Red Light Cameras are sophisticated surveillance systems known as A.C.E.S., they are designed to catch drivers who run red lights at intersections. Rather than relying on police officers to perform this function, the cameras automatically trigger when a driver enters an intersection after the light turns red.A police officer then reviews the tape, citations are sent by mail to the owner of the vehicle within a few weeks.

Germantown has the longest running red light system, put in place in 2002 by Rhode Island-based Nestor Traffic Systems. Memphis will have a total of 13 and operate basically the same. If a driver runs a red light, the camera will catch the infraction, snapping two pictures. The cameras will send information to a network hub operated by American Traffic Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona. Technitions in Arizona will use the car’s tag to collect information about its owner, and will then send the evidence to Memphis police. If police in Memphis agree that a driver ran a red light, that person will be maled a ticket.

Camera Locations
Riverdale Road at Winchester Road
Germantown Parkway at Trinity Road
East Shelby Drive at Lamar Avenue
Germantown Parkway at Dexter Road
North Germantown Parkway at US-64
Winchester Road at Hickory Hill Road
Lamar Avenue at American Way
Lamar Avenue at Winchester Road
Germantown Parkway at Cordova Road
Austin Peay Highway at Yale Road
East Shelby Drive at Getwell Road
East Shelby Drive at Millbranch Road
Poplar Ave at South Highland Street

When people know there’s a red light camera, they change their driving behavior, and they slam on their brakes trying to avoid a ticket. Have you been ticketed by a Red Light Camera?


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