Allen Iverson Has Left The Memphis Grizzlies

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Memphis
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Allen Iverson has left the Memphis Grizzlies and returned to his home in Atlanta after receiving permission to leave the team to attend to personal business. Iverson returned from a torn right hamstring and immediately said he didn’t like coming off the bench. Iverson has said nobody told him the Grizzlies would be rebuilding after a 24-58 season. Iverson’s history, is incessant griping about coming off the bench, as he did in Detroit. Remember Iverson said, “The ultimate goal is to win games. That’s the only thing it’s about.” Only if he’s starting.

Iverson has played in three games since returning from a hamstring injury, averaging 12.3 points, 3.7 assists and 22.3 minutes. Iverson got his first game action with the Grizzlies against Golden State in Sacramento, and played 27 minutes off the bench. Iverson played 21 minutes and had eight points against the Lakers. Allen Iverson scored 11 points in 17 minutes against the Sacramento Kings. Team owner Michael Heisley gave Iverson permission to skip the Grizzlies’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers. One game into his career as a Memphis Grizzly, Iverson was already complaining about playing time and his role on the team.

Three games into his Memphis Grizzly’s career, he requested a leave of absence from the team for personal reasons. Iverson had two meetings with owner Michael Heisley over the weekend and requested to leave the team. Iverson flew to his home in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, hours before the Grizzlies were scheduled to play the Clippers in Los Angeles. Iverson is disgruntled and wants nothing to do with the Grizzlies unless he’s starting. Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins spoke to him briefly before he left, but would not elaborate on the conversation.

Is this decision better for Iverson or the Grizzlies?



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