Heather Ellis, Resisting Arrest, Assaulting Police. Could Cost Her 15 Years In Jail

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Nitegator
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Heather Ellis was arrested and charged with trespassing, disturbing the peace, and two felony counts of assaulting a police officer in Kennett, Missouri in January of 2007. It all happened when a disturbance broke out after Ellis allegedly cut in line at a local Walmart. Ellis was shopping in the store with a cousin, and the two temporarily parted ways to find the shortest line. Seeing that the other line was moving faster. Ellis moved to the faster line with her cousin. She was accused of cutting the line by a store employee, who then notified the security guard.

This is where all hell breaks out. Ellis claim; she and her cousin getting into separate checkout lanes before Ellis switched into the faster-moving line. The woman behind them had placed items on the conveyor belt, and Ellis alleged the woman pushed her when she tried to put her own items down. Witnesses told police that Ellis shoved the woman’s merchandise back. Ellis claim the manager yelled at her to leave the store. Police were called and arrived. officers followed her to the parking lot, using racial slurs and telling her to go back to the ghetto and the officers “jumped” on her even though she said she was not resisting. Officer A.W. Fisher wrote in a probable cause statement that Ellis was given “every opportunity” to comply with officers and leave the property. He said she used an expletive in telling him she would beat him if he put his hands on her. Fisher said he then told Ellis she was under arrest, but she would not stop fighting while being handcuffed. Ellis claim, she was thrown against doors on the way into jail and an officer later twisted her shirt with his knuckle to choke her while she was in custody.

Heather Ellis is a black woman, a pastors daughter, had plans in the medical field, and no criminal history. Follow me? Kennett is a town of roughly 11,000 residents, about 1,500 of them black. The police department also is predominantly white. Witnesses have told authorities that Ellis cut in front of waiting customers, shoved merchandise already placed on a conveyor belt out of the way, and became belligerent when confronted, ACCORDING TO COURT FILINGS.

Ellis wrote to the NAACP in April. Ellis was handed KKK cards from a Kennett police officer warning her about her actions. The cards stated, “You’ve just been paid a social visit by the Ku Klux Klan; the next visit will not be social.” The officer claims that he only showed the family the cards to make them aware of the situation. Stephen Sokoloff, has recused himself. The removal occurred after a motion was filed in which Sokoloff was accused of “making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused.” A special prosecutor from Cape Girardeau County was appointed. Ellis and her lawyers, Scott Rosenblum and T.J. Hunsaker in St. Louis, declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

Dr. Towanna Freeman, a management consultant, argues that Walmart was to blame and that Walmart should have cleared up the disturbance as soon as it occurred, rather than allowing it to get out of hand. I disagree, Ellis is the blame! Ellis should have stayed in her line. I don’t agree with the charges and think they may be dismissed. Three years ago Ellis was 21, plan short line games in Walmart. Playing those games always anger people that have waited to be checked out, then someone from another line joins the person at the checkout desk. Looking at Ellis’s report, SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Police say in court documents that Ellis refused requests to calm down and leave the property, allegedly kicking one’s shin and splitting another’s lip while resisting arrest. Her trial charges are: assaulting police officers, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, not skipping lines.

Ellis now faces up to 15 years in prison, being charged with disturbing the peace, trespassing, resisting arrest and two counts of assaulting a police officer. She was then offered a plea deal by Dunklin County Prosecutor Stephen Sokoloff. The prosecutor offered to drop the felony counts to one misdemeanor of disturbing the peace, as long as Ellis signed the plea deal. Ellis refused to take the plea deal, claiming that she wasn’t willing to admit to something she didn’t do. The misdemeanor counts were dropped, and replaced by felonies.

Who is wrong here, Heather Ellis, Walmart, Kenneth Police, Society for thinking Line Skipping is ok?

  1. Anonymous says:

    She should have stayed her ass in her own line! That kind of shit piss me off.

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