Tennessee Judge Strikes Down Guns In Bars Law

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Nitegator
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Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman said Tennessee’s new law allowing people with handgun permits to be armed in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol is unconstitutionally vague. Tennessee’s new law took effect July 14. Thirty-seven states had similar legislation at the time. More than 257,000 people have handgun carry permits in Tennessee. The new law made an exception for establishments that serve at least one meal on five days per week and that “the serving of such meals shall be the principal business conducted.”

Tennessee has no legal definition to distinguish bars from restaurants. This ruling came after an hour of arguments in a lawsuit brought by a group of plaintiffs. Rep. Curry Todd, a main sponsor of the measure, will ask the state to appeal. Plaintiffs’ attorney David Randolph Smith said Bonnyman’s ruling will stand unless overturned by an appeals court or the Tennessee Supreme Court. Tennessee previously banned handguns in all locations where alcohol was served. What is your position on GUNS?

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  1. Ron says:

    I still felt funny about guns in bars. Myself i dont go to bars,whether they serve food or not. My opinion guns dont have a place there. At a table in a restaurant,weapon concelled,different matter. The judge ruled it unconstitutional, have ya’ll forgot that when the constitution was written people carried their weapons everywhere,even in places to eat. Their weapon was a means of protection then as much as needed today. The economy has left many unemployed,and some are desperate to get money. We have let so many ppl into this country from the border and they are desperate for financial gain, many will take what ever measures needed. Its not going to get better. The recovery will take a long time if ever. Mean time, crime will rise,and ppl will get hurt or killed. Us honest hard working ppl have a right to go home safe everynight with our hard earnings intact. This Judge lives in a sheltered world and i pray that nothing happens to her or her family, just as we hope for ours. More and more criminals are carrying guns in places we wouldnt even think of,but they dont care!!!! Sooner or later we will have to stand up to them and let them know that enough is enough. We want our streets back, our neighborhoods back, our parks back, we want to feel safe again.Or atleast have the opportunity to protect ourselves if unfortunately we should ever have to use such measures.

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