Information for Tennessee House Bill 70

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Nitegator
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House Bill 70, sponsored by State Representative Henry Fincher (D-42), would remove the prohibition against using deadly force in protection of personal property. It also expands your right to self defense to a business. SIGNED and became LAW on JULY 1, 2009.

Criminal Procedure – As enacted, revises the prohibition against using deadly force in defense of property to specify that prohibition would not apply if a person is justified in using deadly force as otherwise provided by law for defense of oneself or defense of another person. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 11, Part 6.

Bill History
Actions Taken on HB0070 Action Date
Pub. Ch. 194 05/21/2009
Effective date(s) 07/01/09 05/21/2009
Signed by Governor. 05/13/2009
Transmitted to Governor for his action. 05/04/2009
Signed by S. Speaker 05/04/2009
Signed by H. Speaker 05/04/2009
Enrolled; ready for sig. of H. Speaker. 04/30/2009
Passed S., Ayes 29, Nays 0 04/30/2009
S. Subst. HB for comp. SB. 04/30/2009
Rcvd. from H., P1C. 03/23/2009
Engrossed; ready for transmission to Sen. 03/19/2009
Passed H., as am., Ayes 89, Nays 1 03/19/2009
H. adopted am.(Amendment 1 of 0 – HA0021) 03/19/2009
Placed on Regular Calendar for 3/19/2009 03/17/2009
Placed on cal. Calendar & Rules Committee for 03/17/2009 03/11/2009
Rec. for Pass. if Am. ref. to: Calendar & Rules Committee 03/11/2009
Placed on cal. Judiciary Committee for 03/11/2009 03/04/2009
Action Def. in Judiciary Committee to 3/11/2009 03/04/2009
Placed on cal. Judiciary Committee for 03/04/2009 02/25/2009
Rec. For Pass. by s/c ref. to Judiciary Committee 02/25/2009
Placed on s/c cal Criminal Practice and Procedure of JUD for 02/25/2009 02/18/2009
Assigned to s/c Criminal Practice and Procedure of JUD 02/10/2009
Ref. to Judiciary 02/09/2009
P2C held on desk. 01/14/2009
Intro., P1C. 01/13/2009
Filed for intro. 01/12/2009
Actions Taken on SB0474 Action Date
Comp. became Pub. Ch. 194 05/21/2009
Am. withdrawn.(Amendment 1 – SA0317) 04/30/2009
Comp. HB Subst (sends SB to dead bill file) 04/30/2009
Placed on Sen. Regular Calendar (1) cal. for 04/30/2009 04/28/2009
Rec. for pass. w/ am., ref. to S. Cal. Comm. Ayes 7, Nays 0 PNV 0 04/22/2009
Placed on S. Jud Comm. cal. for 04/22/2009 04/16/2009
Action Def. in S. Jud Comm. to 4/21/2009 04/14/2009
Placed on S. Jud Comm. cal. for 04/14/2009 04/09/2009
P2C, ref. to S. Jud Comm. 02/12/2009
Intro., P1C. 02/11/2009
Filed for intro. 02/10/2009

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