On 11/24/09 at 9:45 pm, a commercial airline pilot in the Cordova area was looking to the north at departing air-traffic from the Memphis airport, when he saw what he described as a diamond-shaped craft pass directly under a CRJ-200. This pilot who has asked to remain anonymous said the jet was flying at about 8000 feet and the Unknown flew under it at an approximate altitude of 6000. The pilot said the UFO was on a flight path from east to west and traveling at somewhere between Mach 1 and Mach 1.5. He said that it was banking slightly to the north-west as it flew under the jet, so he got a view of its underside. He described it as a perfect triangle with dim white lights at its corners and about 200 ft across, easily as large as a 747. Though it was somewhat hazy in appearance, he said he saw it distinctly enough to make out that it was a solid body with the lights attached. It had no stobe lights and was totally silent. He observed it for about 20 seconds until it passed out of sight.

This man has been flying all his life and is very knowledgable about airplanes. In his report to the MUFON CMS files, he concluded by stating that this sighting left him feeling numb. When interviewed, he admitted that he was still shaken by what he had witnessed. When asked if he experienced anything else strange or unusual in the immediate aftermath of this sighting, he mentioned that one hour after he saw the UFO, a helicopter flew directly over his house at about 3500 ft. altitude coming from the same direction the triangle UFO had been heading when it departed. He said this helicopter had no lights on it! This is in serious violation of FAA regulations, especially as this was within a fifteen-mile radius of the Memphis airport.

After reading this story, I start adding the facts, 9:45 is very dark. If he was in Cordova looking NORTH, he would not be facing airplanes departing from the Memphis Airport, he would be looking in the Bartlett, Brunswick area, the airport is southwest, from Cordova you can only see planes to the WEST. He mentioned speeds of Mach 1-1.5 and said the object was 200 ft across, Cordova is 24 miles from the Memphis Airport. Anybody that know Memphis understand what I’m talking about. You cannot see airplanes flying around the airport from Cordova, you cannot get measurement of objects flying around Cordova, you cannot see any kind of air-traffic in Cordova/Wolfchase looking north, Bartlett and see air-traffic in Whitehaven/Graceland. Results – FALSE.  What Do You Think?

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    • Blanky Blank says:

      To respond…I was the pilot that spotted this craft.
      I WAS watching departing aircraft from MEM they were departing to the North and NorthEast…I was facing North…I fail to understand how you think that it’s imposible to see departing or arriving traffic from MEM. Not only do I watch them constantly, but I have seen the house on departure, and approach! I’m currently obtaining a Masters of History in Aviation History, I have been a trained aviation observer while in the US Customs Service, and have held one license or another in aviation for 25 years! I know what is in the air. I don’t want to speculate whether this was US or “foreign”, but I know what I saw. And my description is accurate. If you want to debate this, email me!

  2. nitegator says:

    I YOU say so! I have formed my opinion. You saw what you saw. I really don’t care about your Masters and still trying to figure why you mentioned it. I have a Masters also, In technology. Does it make be RIGHT on every issue, NO. I have spoken to eight Pilots and let them read what you said, seven told me, you believe what you want to believe. If you believe that you observed a ‘SIGHTING’ I can’t change that. The MEM INt is in whitehaven, far south west, the airplanes land and take off following the line of Airways Blvd, they land and take off following the line of Brooks/Winchester. I have stayed on the path of both of these lines. Cordova is 25 miles from the airport, northeast (look at the map) If you are looking north east you will still be looking in the Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland area. That’s where I fail to believe you. What you saw may have not been associated with the planes like you think.

    • AV8Tor says:

      OK…..You have pilot friends that don’t know all the departure and arrival routes for MEM. I’m sorry for that. Regardless of my own, or your own Master’s degrees, you seem to think that aircraft cannot be obseved 25 miles from the airport….I’m actually watching a FedEx MD-10 pass over my head as I write this….Anyway, don’t be so eager to discredit someone who witnessed something that you either don’t understand or can’t understand….I really don’t care. But what I do care about is when you make statements that make no sense…Like “Planes can’t be observed from Cordova because it’s 20 miles away”. I invite you to come to Cordova, and spend some time watching aircraft departing from MEM to the NW, N, and NE…Ironically, there goes another FedEx MD-10. To reinterate, I am a trained aerial observer, and can distinguish aircraft models whether at 6,000 ft, or FL250. It seems that you struggle to understand that. So again, if you would like to come to the exact spot of my sighting, and observe Northern departures from MEM, please email me. I’d love to give you some clarity. I gain nothing from reporting this object, so I encourage you to weigh the “sensible” from the “Un-sensible”_ Signed “AV8TOR”

    • AV8tor says:

      Again, I apologise that your “pilot” friends are not aware of Norther departing aircraft from MEM. I’m under the impression that you think I was facing South….I was NOT. I was facing North. The aircraft I was watching were departing MEM to the N, NE, and NW. I’m strugling to understand why you think an airline pilot with 25 years experience, government training in Aircraft Recognition and Aeronauntical Observation cannot recognise (or observe) departing aircraft from MEM.
      To add: I was not the only pilot to witness this “object”. It was observed by another FedEx pilot at my crashpad that is willing to answer any questions that you might have.
      As mentioned before…..I am fulling willing to have you come to the exact spot where this object was spotted, and have you physically witnes what we did. If you still believe that where we were in Cordova we were not able to witness or identify departing aircraft from MEM, please reply…Your two complaints seem to be focused around the fact that it was (A) Dark….or (B) Too far to watch departing MEM traffic…We both would LOVE to debate that with you, and all those that agree with you.
      Best Regards, AV8TOR

      PS. I have ALL the MEM departure routing areas that show exactly where tyhese aircraft were…Too bad that your opinion cannot be backed up with such good FAA documentation.

  3. AV8Tor says:

    Also by reading your previous comment, I assume that your assesment of this being “false” is due to the fact it was “A”, “too far to observe departing MEM air traffic”, or “B- It was too dark”. I believe I have already answered the “too far” theory, so to answer the “too dark” theory, let me say again….I am a trained aerial observer. Being a “trained observer” by a US Government agency means that not only can I identify in daylight hours by shape, auditory impressions, and size, I can also differenciate aircraft at night by observing NAV light positions, size, and auditory impressions. The aircraft I observed departing to the N-NE was a CRJ-200 operated by Pinnacle Airlines. After determining the aircraft (and size) I was able to determine the size of the “UnKnown aircraft”. Again, I ask that if you have a theory that disputes this, please let me know…I’ll politely respond. Signed “av8TOR”

  4. AV8Tor says:

    And to add; I was not the only pilot to witness this object. I was the only to come forward. The other witness is a FedEx A300 Captain who was a military pilot for 8 years, an dhas been with FedEx for 10 years. If you would like his impression of this sighting, he is willing to respond to emails.

  5. AV8tor says:

    And being that English is my 2nd language, I’d feel more comfortable if you’d respond to me directly via the telephone…..You have my email. If you feel that I have not directly answered your reasons “why” this was not what we witnessed, or the Jepesen FAA sectionals that show departing aircraft over Cordova is “incorect”, call me!

  6. AV8tor says:

    Being that there was a delay in posting, I apologise for the redundancy of the previous posts.

  7. nitegator says:

    WOW, that was a lot of typing there. I’m going to take you up on that offer. You are right about my two complaints; Dark and Too far. I don’t think any of my friends are interested in this subject. However I am. After reading your post, I failed to ask you, “how far were the planes and object you saw?” I’m under the impression that you were looking at a great distance, 20+ miles, you stated that the FedEx MD-10 just pass over your head! If that’s the case, I have to reconsider this post. I’m I correct on this?

  8. AV8TOR says:

    I apologise for all the typing, and redundancy….I was sending those emails from my phone, and the delay had me frusterated, and sending too many jabs.
    First of all thank you for doing the legwork and agreeing to visit the spot of the sighting. I, and your readers should appreciate your fairness, and objectivity. There’s nothing worse for a person that works dillegently to be honest to be ‘challenged’ on something that (A) He had to debate coming forward in the first place, and (B) To have that admitance debated for being ‘un-true’ on that same issue.
    Again, Thank you for being objective in this matter. You have my email address. I commute from another city to MEM, so please when you have a date in mind, let me know in advance.

  9. jenny says:

    Wow! Now that was some arguement…interested to hear the final results…I vote for the Memphis pilot!

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