Video: Bass Pro Shop Las Vegas.

Officials with Bass Pro Shops were in town to continue with plans to transform the Pyramid into a retail space and conservation exhibit. Memphis leaders say there are three options when it comes to The Pyramid: turn it into a Bass Pro store, leave it empty or tear it down. Robert Lipscomb, director of Housing and Community Development is over major city redevelopment projects. Lipscomb is confident that Bass Pro will do the Pyramid project. Bass Pro is currently paying $35,000 a month in rent. If the company pulls out of the deal, it’ll have to pay the city and Memphis $500,000. A spokesperson for Bass Pro says they wouldn’t spend this much money unless they were serious about setting up shop. The Bass Pro project has been on the table for years now. In 2005, Bass Pro announced it would move into The Pyramid. In 2006 the company unveiled plans for The Pyramid that includes putting a hotel inside the building. In 2008, city and county leaders toured the flagship store in Missouri. Bass Pro officials told the city an additional investment of nearly $20 million would be required to bring the building up to code and meet seismic requirements.

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