As you know Tiger Woods is making headlines after headlines. Women are coming out of the woodworks claiming that they have had some kind of affair with the “Tiger.” If most of the coverage you hear is correct you can’t blame his wife for taking some kind of action for Tiger’s behavior.  Let’s look at the situation from different angles here to rationalize the denominator. Tiger is a Black Male; the women he has chosen to date and marry are White Women, Black Male/White Women.

Lets talk about the racial issues. Do you have any problems with Tiger marrying a white woman? If so, why? Looking at Tiger’s history he has always dated white women, that’s his choice. Tiger decide to marry a white woman, another choice. Would things be different if Tiger would have dated black women and married a black woman? Many may have been upset when Tiger got married. The question always comes up when high profile black athletes marry a white women, “Why didn’t he marry a black woman, they always run to the white race when the get rich.” Is this a problem you had with Tiger? If so, WHY?

Lets talk about Black Women reactions compared to White Women reaction to what Tiger has done. Many feel like his wife turned “sista” on Tiger, going after him with a golf club. True or False? If your wife caught you in a relationship does color matter on her reactions. Why are people relating a woman whacking her husband with a golf club to “blacks only”? Should he have grabbed a pillow and start crying, call her sister sobbing over the phone, grabbed one of those “rolling pins” and chased Tiger around the neighborhood like white women did in the cartoons. No! She grabbed the closest object and knocked the shit out of Tigers ASS, just like a WOMAN would do. This would explain why Tiger couldn’t make it out the driveway without hitting a tree and fire hydrant, he was dizzy. The 911 call back up the story, the caller said the driver was “unconscious” Right or Wrong?

Lets talk about the allegations of affairs. If Tiger has done what these women are claiming, does that make him a bad person? Think before you answer. Look at all the other professional athletes that have been caught in affairs or have you forgotten them. They all do this, what makes Tiger any different? They all have women chasing after them, meeting in hotels, what makes you think Tiger would be immune from this? Answer, Tiger would be an UNFAITHFULL HUSBAND, not a bad person. Look at these famous people and remember, JFK and Merlin Monroe, Hugh Grant, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Brad Pitt, Sean Combs, Paul Newman and Joan Woodworth, Johnny Cash, Kobe, Magic, Kind David of the Old Testament, Jude Law, Eric Benet, Britney Spears, David Duchovny, David Letterman. Faithfulness would be the BAD aspect of his marriage. He is a provider, father, husband, and caretaker toward his family. In premodern times (ancient Roman, medieval, and early modern history), a husband was supposed to protect and support not only his wife and children, but also servants and animals of his domain, and the father (as the “patron”) was awarded with much authority, differing from that of his wife. He just had to drive every hole on the course, if you catch my drift. Do you blame the women on this issue? There are women that look for people like Tiger, (the superstars) just like women look for men that have nice careers, wealthy, good looks, money, can provide a decent lifestyle. There are men that look for women the same way, good looks, nice careers, wealthy, money, provide a decent lifestyle, and …..nice ass. So if both parties are looking for the same thing and one is greater then the other, would that be a problem? Only if the greater takes advantage of the lesser with the wedge of money, fame, social status. Could this be the case with Tiger? What if Tiger was not getting the satisfaction he desire from his wife, and decided to venture to other fields for practice? What if Tiger is weak to female temptations and cannot resist the urge of gratification? Whatever the case, the clime is Tiger made the decision to pursue his happiness with other women. It has embarrassed him and his wife, those that trusted him the most and tarnished his name. Lets give Tiger the time to clear his name, just like we have done with other PROFESSIONALS.

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