The mayor and former police chief of Oakland, Tennessee, are in trouble. Mayor William Mullins, and former police chief Robert Tisdale are facing charges for misusing their public offices. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Mayor William Mullins was indicted on five counts of Official Misconduct and one count of Tampering With Evidence. Robert Tisdale was indicted on one count of Official Misconduct and two counts of Tampering/Fabricating Evidence. Authorities with the TBI and Fayette County Sheriff’s Department surrounded Oakland Mayor Bill Mullins’ home for about 20 minutes last Monday evening.

The indictment says that the two were performing work on the city’s police cars and benefiting from the work while holding city offices. Several times in 2007, and 2008, Mullins received payments of $2,000 for repairing transmissions. Mullins claim that he repaired transmissions for free. The indictment claims the Mayor profited off a side business he has repairing transmissions in a garage behind his house. The city sent city vehicles to Cordova Automotive in Oakland. Cordova Automotive does not repair transmissions, rather it sends them to Mullins to repair. Mullins, and Tisdale tried to cover up the payments by fabricating documents. Mullins says he is the victim of a political conspiracy.

Have you ever drove through Oakland Tennessee? It’s a ‘Speed Trap’ ready to happen! In Oakland, going only a few miles over the speed limit will get you a ticket. For 3-4 miles it is 30 miles an hour. This is a busy town and while going the speed limit you might hit somebody. All the speed limits are posted in plain sight, make sure you have good brakes and paying attention. There are many speed transitionson 64. Speed limits drop from 65 to 45, then to 30 VERY quickly, not enough time to slow down. Yes, Barny Fifes cited me for a ticket after the 45 to 35 transition. The transition is about 1/2 mile apart, then you have the 65 to 45 transition. The cops are all. Add Somerville to this list too. The nine mile long strip of road is heavily patrolled. This officer was in oncoming traffic and did a U-Turn to get me. He said he caught me going 40 mph in a 35 mph zone. Some of you Duffers may remember this. Oakland is known as a zero-tolerance speed-trap to anyone who has traveled through the area, as many if not most have received speeding tickets. Maybe this will wake the mayor and former police chief of Oakland a taste of their own medicine.

*for Officer*

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  1. Officer says:

    This person does not know what they are talking about. I have been on the Oakland Police Dept. for 6 years and NO ONE has ever been given a ticket for 3 or 4 miles over the limit.There is NO 30 MPH LIMIT on Hwy 64 (in oakland) and NO 35 MPH in the city ANYWHERE. The state sets the speed limits on Hwy 64,not the city. When the speeds drop they are on both sides of the road and have Reduced Speed Ahead Signs before them and are the Legal distance by state Law. The Transitions are Always 65 MPH, then 55 MPH, then 45 MPH. not 65 to 45.How do you TRAP someone into SPEEDING? The signs are 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall, not behind trees or bushes. The residents of the Town like the Police Presents on the Hwys. We get people with Felony Warrants and drugs from all over the country. The Officers are working instead of hanging around Exxon or Walmart, when they are not on a call, or taking a report, or patroling neighborhoods, or walking through stores checking them. We do stop some cars for under 10 miles over, to look for drugs and other contraband but they do not get tickets for speeding, although they could get a ticket for 1 mile over, we do not do that and never have. I will pay for anyones ticket if they can show me proof that it was for 5 miles over or less, from an Oakland Tn. Police Officer, because I here this all the time and it is NOT TRUE. As for the Mayor and the Ex-Chief of Police don’t believe every thing you here, untill you see PROOF.

  2. nitegator says:

    Officer, thank you for that comment, and you are welcomed here anytime. I may not know the LAWS by your books. Your comment sounds convincing, it does not explain the fact that I DID GET A TICKET SOMEWHERE IN 45 TO 35 TRANSITION. I even tried to fight this, and spent all day trying to reapply my license in Nashville. What ever the case was that day, I have all my friends that were passing me on the highway, that warned me of the SPEED TRAPS in the area. I even told the officer that I was paying attention to the speed limit to avoid any fines. Everybody that travel from Memphis through Oakland/Sumerville knows what the hidden speed laws are, so you can make these comments all day that this does not happen. IT DOES and you know it. If any readers travel through Oakland, the WATCH OUT. You will get a ticket for 3 to 4 miles over the limit. DON’T BELIEVE THIS ‘OFFICER’

  3. Officer says:

    I have no reason to lie and you can believe what you want, but you can not produce any proof of what you are saying.What is a hidden speed law? Unmarked Hwys in TN. are 55 and unmarked roads are 30. What was the Officers name or badge number? It is on the ticket. If you went to court what was the judges name? Where was this 45 to 35 transition, it is also on the ticket that you recieved? I would like to see a copy of the ticket,and if you are right, I will wright you a check for the entire amount. If any readers on here have a ticket for 3 or 4 or even 5 over I will pay it just bring it or fax it to Oakland Police Dept. Phone 901-465-0070 Fax 901-465-0070 170 Doss Cir. Oakland Tn. 38060. I can back up and prove what I say!!!

  4. Officer says:

    Sorry Fax Number is 901-465-0010

  5. nitegator says:

    Officer, this happened in 2004! GEEZZZ! I was pulled over by one of your officers, he told me I was doing 40-42 in a 35 zone. I wasn’t looking at badge numbers, gosh it’s a speeding ticket. He didn’t show me any radars, or anything. I got the ticket and continued to my designation. I thought it was a stupid violation do I tried to get out of paying just like everyone else that get caught in ‘speed traps’ I did end up paying the fine plus suspended licenses cost. There was no judge I saw in Oakland this was reps talking to reps. Your making a big issue about this, which makes me wonder, why you would want to defend the law on a speed issue. If it would make you feel better, send every ticket that was written to drivers from Memphis in 2004 their money, trust me, I will get one of your checks. To make you happy I did find the Tennessee Department of Safety Notice concerning suspending my licenses because of this issue. I block out my information.

  6. Officer says:

    You started this disagreement and then said I was not telling the truth, that is why I am defending against this speed trap issue that YOU have. I believe you recieved a ticket somewhere in Fayette co. in 2004. You still have not answered my question, how do you TRAP someone into speeding.Oakland TN. still does NOT have and did NOT have in 2004 ANY 35 MPH Speed Zones, Period. I believe you think you are right, but I live here and work these streets every day, I also do not LIE. If you think you recieved a ticket that is not right then or now, Go to Court and talk to the Judge no matter where it is. Please do not spreed rumors that are not TRUE, Thanks.

  7. Cory James says:

    I don’t know what this Officer is drinking, Oakland hwy 64 is a nationally known as a speed trap. This is well know everywhere, just like Germantown is know for it’s speed laws. I’ll answer the ‘how do you trap someone into speeding’, you sit somewhere with a dame radar gun and clock the person driving, duhh.

  8. DD says:

    I got a ticket driving through redneck ass Oakland, pay mine Officer. You ain’t doing nothing but covering for that racist ass city.

  9. Officer says:

    How is sitting with a radar gun trapping you into speeding, either you are braking the speed laws or you aren’t, Idiot!!! I guess if Police Officers doing there JOB is speed trapping then they are a so called “speed trap”, and you are an Idiot for speeding and getting caught. Which is the REAL PROBLEM that you have. The Racist comment is Obsurd, and is always an Excuse for some people when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. What does DD stand for, DUMBASS DRIVER. Maybe you will understand when you have a loved one run over by a DUI or just some jerk that thinks they can drive the way they won’t to, and that the LAW does not apply to them, because the world owes them something.

  10. DD says:

    naw! DD stands for DOUBLE DICKING your wife, smart ass. You must think everybody is a idiot. People clearly understand speed laws. It’s people like you that hide behind the badge and look down on everybody. Let me tell you something OFFICER, your position is just another JOB, you get paid to babysit the streets. You must be some kind of brainwashed rookie to be defending the speed traps on hwy 64. Go back to your little street corner and play with your radar, people are driving through your redneck town and YOU have to do your JOB! Remember there are better jobs than being a COP and the only reason you get some respect is because of that BADGE!

  11. J Burns says:

    Ha, thats funny DD. I know of some guys that were speeding through town and caused a serious accident with fatalities. They were not drunk or criminals, they were COPS in a rush to get through town. Then the city tried to cover the story with a fake report. I don’t know where the hell Hwy 64 is, but I did a google search and found many sites that refer of this strip as a speed trap near Memphis.

    P.S. I have gotten a ticket in a school zone…one mile over the limit.

  12. Officer says:

    I thought you were a reasonable man but I see you are a BOY.You are definitly an Idiot, I would just have to beat your ass instead of giving you a ticket. I know there are better jobs than protecting fools like you, hopefully you will get RUN DOWN by some jackass that thinks like you do.Come to Oakland and ask for the officer that has been talking to you Idiots on this blog,and I will be glad to BEAT this into your ignorant, thick head.I am sure you don’t even have a dick.Come show me how to play with my radar punk.

  13. DD says:

    Oh please! Get somewhere with that tough act. Beat my ass instead of giving me a ticket, Oh I forgot that’s the other thing COPS like you do. Take people somewhere and jump them. Then walk around like that don’t happen. Just like you walk around acting like your speed traps don’t exist. What else do you Oakland cops do, take money from drug dealers, sleep with prostitutes, plant evidence in cars? You are a crooked cop! If Training Day 2 come out, I’m going to refer you for the main role. If I do come to Oakland, I wouldn’t be looking for you dumb-ass, I would be looking for you wife, remember. You’re a real Idiot, just like the mayor and police chief of that town. I don’t even know why I’m spending time addressing you on this subject. I got better things to do. So Long Country Boy!

  14. Officer says:

    DD you keep talking about my wife are you over compensating for something, like the FACT THAT YOU ARE GAY!!!and a COWARD!!! If I were married my wife would also KICK YOUR ASS BOY.Face it you are a punk and can only fight with your keyboard and mayby your PURSE.

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  16. I’m so glad to have found your web page. My pal mentioned it to me before, yet never got around to checking it out until now. I must express, I’m floored. I really enjoyed reading through your posts and will absolutely be back to get more.

  17. JAne Brown says:

    I have a cousin in Oakland that is 25yrs old. He has been missing for 2months or so since April 6,2010. My family there in Oakland has attempted to recieved help searching for him. This has not not been successful. My family is reaching out to the coumminty for help in finding him. If there is a group or someone that can help us please contact me. For more imformation please e-mail me. thank you/

  18. Mad Hatter says:

    I hate small HICK towns

  19. Miles says:

    Oakland is a speed trap. Everyone knows. I hate Oakland, I work in that shit hole town. I got a ticket earlier this year for “failure to yield”, and while in court I did see THREE people who were cited for speeding less than 5 miles over the speed limit. One was a commercial truck driver who had to hire a lawyer to represent him, the ticket was thrown out. I think the others were thrown out as well, but I cannot remember if they were required to pay court costs.

    I respect cops, it is a profession that is dangerous but necessary to maintain order in our civilization. Unfortunately, this respect I have for cops does not carry over to Oakland cops. The OPD is 90% tyrants, with only 10% actually working to improve the community. Oakland can kiss my ass.

  20. Thomas Burkes says:

    OMG, I hate Oakland. I live in Memphis, and my mother-n-law lives in henderson. When we go to see her we useually take 40 and go like 20 miles out of the way, just to avoid that place. A couple of weeks ago, I was going down 64 WB, and was almost out of there, when I see blue lights come on. I was maybe 1/8 mile from the 55- 65 change, and he tagged me for 65 in a 55. Thing is, I know I didn’t go that fast. I was following my wife, and she never went above 60. Also, when he pulled out, I was doing 61, and let off the gass when the lights came on. So, either he was lying, or his radar was jacked up. Eithert way, that is the crookedest town in existance, and I hope to never have to go through there again.

  21. Not a Happy Camper says:

    Friday night, I turned out of the Exxon onto Old Hwy 196 North. I stopped at the sign to turn East on 64. The light was red at the intersection to the East, so I quickly turned right, because NO CARS WERE COMING, only traveling to the next street (about a block away.) There was an Oakland cop turning into the Exxon when I was leaving. Obviously, I didn’t stop long enough to please this great officer of the law, as he pulled me over, and wrote me a ticket for “failing to stop,” when I clearly stopped at the sign. At the same time, there was another cop with a different car pulled over that joined this one, as I sit in front of my destination, merely a block from where I just left. Now, we have two cop cars, four cops spotlighting me as if I were a criminal (mental picture, I am a business woman, in a suit, departing from work.) SERIOUSLY????? You couldn’t just say “be sure to stop and count to 20 or something???” Then, to write “failure to stop,” when I clearly did, but not long enough to give you pleasure!!!! Ugh! I do realize that this is the M.O. for Fayette County, that this is how you make your money here, but come on. Let’s not be so petty. I’m pretty sure that I don’t have a “snowballs chance in hell” of fighting the ticket in court. I also realize that this e-mail serves no purpose, nor will it change our small-time mentality, but is important to advise people that if you don’t HAVE to travel this way, don’t. Simply travel I-40, and avoid this county if you’re smart.

  22. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back someday. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great job, have a nice holiday weekend!

  23. Doc says:

    Oakland Cops, are the number one reason I will not set up a business and buy a house in Oakland. They are power hunger and have bring harassing the people of Oakland for years. Oakland has too many officers and are not serving the need here.

  24. Frank says:

    I would like to know how many tickets have been issued in Fayette County for driving in the left lane
    and obstructing traffic. The law states as written in the TENN. DRIVER STUDY GUIDE chapter 4,
    page 34. “Traffic Lane Usage” If the road has four or more lanes with two-way traffic, drive in the
    right lane except when passing other vehicles or turning left. The police wan’t hesitate to give a
    ticket for passing on the right and speeding.

  25. Shonah says:

    I love living in Oakland. If you speed you get a ticket. Get over it. Stay in Memphis and dodge bullets, we don’t want you here if you are dumb enough to think we have speed traps. 65-55-45.

    • Daniel says:

      Shonah I am with you.. I just recently moved to Oakland in March yes the cops are a lil harsh but they do a great job keeping all the thugs that come in from Memphis in check.. Somerville is the town you really gotta watch for 30 mph everywhere.. Memphis is GHETTO! If you don’t like Oakland’s speed limit stay in your hood there! We have laws that make sense..

  26. bill steals more than yall think he does hes a damn crook he has a home in potts camp ms, his mamas and he keeps and old man their 80 years old and steals his check every single month!!! no one knows about that, but he dont care if the man lives or dies how can i get trouble too for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

  27. Wess says:

    I was pulled over by these self proclaimed “heroes” 50 yards from the speed switch going westbound out of Oakland. No issue, I was told these butt lovers were speed Nazis. But what really pisses me off is there demeanor. You are a COP not SPEC OPS. I have been over seas and been in more situations then I care to discuss on here. You clowns are not and will never be spec ops. To often now you bacon backs get confused on who you serve. THE CITIZENS. By the way genius you to are a citizen. What would you do or feel of some fellow tin star dick pulled one of your family members over for something stupid. Are there a few officers that are just doing there job and not trying to intimidate or make the encounter personal? Of course. 10% of the cops that are decent do not make up for the 90% asshole. Some humility goes along way. Tennessee as a state is known for its rapid corruption of every office and cops, so the story above is no surprise. All it takes is one leader in this police unit that will take a moral high ground to change things. A little policing of the police if you will. P.S. he pulled me over while wearing wrap around Oakley’s WHEN IT WAS OVERCAST!! CLOWN.

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