The Memphis Police Department staged an undercover prostitution sting this weekend. More than a dozen women were arrested for prostitution near a school or church. Prostitution is a big problem near Hollywood and Chelsea. Undercover officers posed as decoys in several areas around the city. 12 women were all willing to have sex for money, and they were all within a mile and a half of a church or school.

Tonya Richardson Geraldine Patterson Mary Crenshaw
LaTwonda Mabry

Katherine Cooper

Angel Jones
Jeanette Brooks Erica Hudson Ashley Crowder
Sophia Watson Elizabeth Bowling Cicely Guy

Busts were also made near Winchester Elementary, Hanley elementary and other middle and high schools around the city. The women’s bonds ranged from a $100 to $250. At last check Sunday night, about half of them had been released. The women who were arrested range in age from 22 to 52.

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  1. Cory James says:

    All of them are ugly as hell!

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