The U.S. Government is calling on medical teams from Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center to help in Haiti. Two medical teams and supplies will soon head to the earthquake-ravaged zone. Dr. James O’Donnell is the Director of Le Bonheur’s Disaster Response & Emergency Preparedness Team. The hospital is sending a surgical critical care team of five or six doctors and nurses to treat wounded children. It will also send a three person medical transport team to get the sick kids to care safely.

FedEx working with partners including the American Red Cross, has donated at least $700,000 in transportation for relief supplies bound for Haiti. FedEx officials said the company was helping move more than 350,000 pounds of relief supplies

UPS announced a $1 million donation, consisting of $500,000 in cash and up to $500,000 of in-kind shipping services. UPS partners with the Red Cross, CARE, UNICEF and other organizations that assist with long-term relief activities.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center has raised nearly $16,000 for relief efforts in Haiti. The money was gathered at three campuses, including the main campus in Memphis, where $10,100 was given.

Mid-Southerners donated more than $125,000 at the Mid-South chapter of the Red Cross.

Tennessee Task Force One is on alert in Memphis. There are 28 teams like this throughout the country This is the largest rescue team in Tennessee. The team’s K-9 unit is one of the best. It will be pitching in too. Members are ready to deploy as soon as the call comes in. This will be the first time Tennessee Task Force One has been deployed on an international rescue mission.

Let’s Continue To Send Our Prayers And Donations To Haiti.


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