Many of you may know about my interest in spiders. If you have been to my office you will see a wall of photos I have taken of different spiders around the city. Naturally when I read about this spider in Australia, I couldn’t resist writing something about it. This Killer Funnel Web Spider is a backyard spider whose bite can kill you in the space of two hours.

This spider is considered one of the world’s most aggressive and poisonous spiders. Funnel Web’s can grow to the size of a human hand. Both the male and female Sydney Funnel-Web Spider carry atraxotoxin, the world’s most dangerous toxin to humans as produced in the animal kingdom. Males are deadlier than females,  the male is six times more toxic than the female, and it is he whom is most often encountered by humans. The spider is a ground dweller commonly found in areas of moist soils along much of the eastern coastal area of New South Wales, Victoria and in certain areas of South Australia. The Funnel Web Spiders found here are not in the same family as the deadly Australian Funnel-web Spiders (Atrax robustus and Hadronyche spp.) Our Funnel-Web Spiders are in the family Agelenidae, while the Australian Funnel-web Spiders are in the family Hexathelidae. This would be a great addition to the spider problem Memphis has with the Brown Recluse and Black Widow.

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