Officers John Cicero and William Green were suspended from the New York Police Department after this video surfaced showing them beating a handcuffed suspect during an undercover drug operation. The video shot by a witness looking out an apartment window in the Bronx on Jan. 5, and suspended the officers as soon as the video surfaced. Two sergeants supervising the officers were put on desk duty pending the outcome of internal affairs and Bronx District Attorney’s office investigations. The video shows Cicero and Green bending down to punch the suspect, Jonathan Baez, as other officers mill about. If you look at their faces, there’s not one look of outrage or disgust, None of them intervened or reported this…. It reflects business as usual. A drug suspect, not Baez, ran into a basement and unleashed a pit bull that charged the officers. A ricocheting bullet fired by an officer aiming at the dog grazed two detectives, business as usual

When I saw this video, my first thought was to place it on one of my national blogs. I decided to place it here because of a comment a visitor made in a posting. This is no attempt to suggest that ALL police take this kind of action when suspects are caught. I could help but to think of this comment:

I thought you were a reasonable man but I see you are a BOY. You are definitly an
Idiot, I would just have to beat your ass instead of giving you a ticket.

How true could this statement be? If a policeman was that angry, frustrated, enraged, does he/she need to be working for the department? Or, is it business as usual?

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