Will this apology put this story to rest?

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  1. I obviously can not speak out regarding anyone else, nonetheless I do think the press that this saga is getting is absurd. Tiger cheated on his spouse, certainly not golf. The only ones he really should have to please is without a doubt his family and sponsors. Its clear why the guy must say i’m sorry and try to make amends with Elin. His sponsors have invested big money promoting the guy. In addition to that, this is a confidential household situation and they should be permitted to take care of this behind closed doors. Everyone simply doesn’t have the right to know each and every tiny point in relation to everyones daily life, no matter his or her star status.

  2. strawbean says:

    I think this was a pathetic attempt to apologise. His wife didn’t even want to be there to listen to it. He read off an auto-cue, a real apology comes from the heart and not from a piece of paper that your publicist writes for you. I strongly believe that he deserves everything he gets and that his wife should take him for everything he has. She deserves it. I also agree with the above comment, I even blogged about it myself!

  3. Brief news of Tiger Woods

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