Are you addicted to your cellphone? Are you uncomfortable if you are out of reach of your cell phone? Are you constantly checking to see if you have a missed call? Is your teen constantly texting? Is there decreased production due to your cell phone use? As the number of people that have cell phones is rapidly growing, so is the number of people that are becoming addicted to their phones. When these phones were invented, they were intended to make life easier. Today there are some people that do not have a life because they do not know when to turn them off. Many view cell phones as an essential item, an integral tool necessary for family, work, safety and social networking. Do family and friends complain about your constant cell phone use?

People can be seen talking on cell phones while driving, which is against the law in several states. Everyone has walked past someone in a mall or airport seemingly talking purposely to no one visible, until you realize that a Blue Tooth ear piece is attached to the head of the individual. Movie theaters, airlines, public meetings, and most quiet venues have to continuously remind the public to “Please turn off your cell phones” since we are incapable of remembering to do so. There are questions as to whether cell phone addictions are actual addictions, such as an addiction to drugs would be. There are some similarities. Cell phone addicts use their phone to make them feel better. These users even seem to increase their phone use over time to get the same feeling that they had when they first began using them. There are also some anxiety issues when the user does not have his phone available. Ever left you phone a home? For most people, heeding these warnings in hospitals or at the movies is as simple as pressing a button. But for a growing number of people across the globe, the idea of being out of touch, even just for a 90-minute movie, is enough to induce anxiety.

Top 10 Signs of Cell Phone Addiction

10. You’ve spent more on accessories than on your phone.
It started out with something harmless like a car charger, but then you stepped up to the car FM transmitter, armband, a different case for each day of the week, spare batteries, screen protectors, a stereo Bluetooth adapter, wireless speakerphone, and even a dock powered by tube amps. You realize that it’s just a phone, not a kid, right? And that none of it will work when you inevitably upgrade to the next version six months from now?

9. You have 30 different apps installed. And use them all.
We’ve all gone through app-installing binges where we’ve installed some questionable stuff on our cell phones. Two weeks later, we either figure out it’s garbage and delete it, or leave it to stagnate. But those of you still checking on your digital iPhorest trees, using car locater to find your Camry down the block every morning, and thumbing through digital copies of the U.S. Constitution during heated political debates are the real nuts.

8. You have alarms telling you when to do everything in your life.
Business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and group meetups. All valid events to put in your phone. Have an alarm for putting out the trash on Wednesday night? You’re in way too deep, buddy. When you need your phone to prod you through every step of the day, it might as well be your respirator or dialysis machine.

7. You spend more time talking on the phone then you do with your Lover.
Love the One You’re With. It’s rude to talk on cell phone call on a date or during a social engagement with others. It’s also inconsiderate to take a call in the middle of a conversation. If the caller were present he or she would likely wait to politely interrupt at a more appropriate time. Let the call roll to voice mail and return it later.

6. You’ve cut back on necessities to afford your $100 a month cell phone bill.
OK, lunch is pretty important. But $5 a day adds up to like $150 a month, and that can totally pay your phone bill if you just switch to Jell-O and ramen noodles for a while. Or maybe you could just start hopping the turnstile instead of paying for a subway pass. Or move to a cheaper apartment. Or carry a balance on that credit card.

5. You cannot leave a conversation while ordering food.
STOP TALKING ON YOUR CELLPHONE WHILE YOU ORDER YOUR FOOD! This is the worst Cell Phone Etiquette I have seen. Most of the time they are senseless conversations, if you don’t believe me listen to the next person holding a phone to his ear asking, “do you want cheese on this?” Then they look at the phone like it’s going to talk back to them. What ever happened to, “Let me call you back, I’m ordering something to eat.” No one needs to hear how wasted you were last night, or what color your boyfriend’s boxers were on the night the two of you, um, “played Scrabble.” Keep your personal conversations personal.

4. You broke it, and it feels like you lost a friend.
In a moment of clumsiness, you went to remove it from your pocket for the 37th time in the last hour, slipped, and sent it pinwheeling toward pavement, where it landed with a sickening crack. Or, in a moment of carelessness, you let it slip out of your pocket on the train, waiting to be snatched up by some hawkeyed bum. Even worse you dropped it into a fountain . Whatever the circumstances, you can’t stop replaying the event in your mind, running over its irreplaceable digital contents in your mind, and kicking yourself for letting it happen. Maybe you even have dreams about a reunion with your long-lost friend.  When the symptoms start to border post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s time to move on.

3. You have to answer EVERY call.
Turn the phone Off. Does a ringing phone make you feel important? Do you talk just to talk? Phones should be turned off in movie theaters, playhouses, observatories or any other public place that creates an atmosphere to transport the imagination of the audience. People pay good money to be entertained and a ringer breaks the illusion. Turn It Off in the doctors exam rooms. DAME! Intimate public settings such as restaurants, public restrooms, waiting rooms, hallways, buses, subways or anywhere a private conversation is not possible is a bad place for a cell phone conversation. To practice good cell phone etiquette, put the ringer on vibrate or silent mode and let the call roll over to voice mail. If it’s an important call, step outside or to a secluded area to return the call. If that’s not possible and you must take the call, keep your voice low and the conversation brief. Let the caller know you’ll get back to them when you’re able. Use Common Sense. Turn off your phone before a job interview, presentation, or boardroom meeting. Leave it off at funerals, weddings, or anyplace a quiet atmosphere is mandated, such as a courthouse, library, museum, or place of worship. Are you one of those people who call back phone numbers you see on your caller ID even when you don’t know who called you, so afraid you are going to miss one call?

2. You feel a brief moment of panic when you touch your pocket (or grope to the bottom of your purse) and it’s gone. We’re not talking about a lost phone here, just realizing you left it at home. And feeling the skipped heartbeat of sheer terror. “What will my Twitter followers think?”

1. You use it in the bathroom.
Forty-two percent! That’s how many people admitted to using their cell phone in the bathroom on a recent survey. Some people are so addicted to their BlackBerrys and iPhones they can’t even go to the bathroom without reading email, sending a text message or making a call. People don’t need to hear the *flush* sound to know when you’re sitting on the can because I can hear the echo inside the bathroom. Duh. And if you don’t flush because you don’t want to gross out the person you’re talking to, what if you forget to flush later – and it’s no. 2? Have You Ever Drop Your Cellphone In The Toilet?

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