• Police Officer
• Juvenile Detention Officer
• Corrections Officer
• Chairman, Memphis Alcohol Commission
• Director of Public Services and Neighborhoods
• Deputy Director of General Services
• Administrator, Mayor’s Action Center
• Supervisor, Mayor’s Executive Protection Detail
• Executive Assistant to the Mayor
• South Side High School, Graduate
• University of Memphis, Graduate
• Tenn Law Enforcement Training Academy, Graduate

Reginald was born and raised in Memphis. He’s married, has a child, attend Mt. Moriah East Baptist Church, and a servent of Mayor Willie W. Herenton, the City of Memphis’ first African American mayor. French was not only a city director, he was Herenton’s executive assistant. He also supervised Herenton’s bodyguard detail. French has served as a juvenile detention officer, corrections officer and police officer.

In 1992, Mayor Herenton appointed him as Administrator of the Mayor’s Action Center. In 1996 Mayor Herenton appointed Reginald as Deputy Director of General Services. He was then responsible for the day-to-day operations of General Services Administration, City Beautiful, Grounds Maintenance, Operation of City Hall, Print and Mail Services, Property Maintenance, Real Estate and Vehicle Service Center.

In 1994, French was arrested for slashing a neighbor’s tire. He was convicted of vandalism, but the story got a lot of play because the woman whose car he vandalized died a short time later in an accidental fall at Mud Island. In 2000, the FBI caught French passing $10,000 to two city officials in Atlanta. French denied wrong doing and was never charged.

In 1997 Mayor Herenton appointed Reginald as Director of Public Services and Neighborhoods. He was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Public Services Administration, Animal Shelter, Youth Services, Mayor’s Action Center, Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center, Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Management Agency, and the Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau.

Reginald French donations to Herenton
• 8/11/03 Campaign Consultant Services $9,000
• 8/20/03 Supplies $181.14
• 8/20/03 Office Supplies $340.60
• 8/29/03 Various Expenses $239.79
• 9/5/03 Reimbursement $52
• 9/18/03 Reimbursement $126.10
• 9/26/03 Software/Computer Work $150
• 10/2/03 Office Supplies $150.38
• 10/23/03 Consulting Fee Campaign $9,000

In addition to the over $19,000 above, French got $23,400 paid to his Idalis Enterprises LLC for campaign consulting in the 1999 Herenton campaign.

A former prison guard with no background in technology, French started a governmental relations consultant firm and information technology company. French landed a city subcontract in 2004 through ACS. Records show that contract paid French’s Integrate Technologies more than $1 million in its first two years. The FBI investigated computer programmer Bala Karri’s claim that he’s been stiffed of nearly $80,000 for work performed for the City of Memphis, Reginald French, a city subcontractor who owns the technology firm. Bala Karri says he’s been unable to get French to pay him $79,440 for software work he performed on city computers. Karri took the dispute public with an e-mailed plea to members of the City Council, and got the FBI involved. Karri said he never wanted to go to the council but did so after French repeatedly ignored his requests for payment. French stated any questioning of his city subcontracting job has racial and political motives. “He was paid for his services. If he feels differently he needs to go to civil court and sue me,” French said. “Integrate Technologies happened to be the preferred vendor for the city of Memphis,” Karri said. Karri said he was told that first by Oracle, the firm that sold its business management software to the city, and later by ACS. Karri said he was told that to get city work he needed to go through French. “He can’t prove that,” French responded, “and ain’t nobody else going to be able to prove that.” Invoices sent to the council show Karri’s firm, Shrichakra Consultancy Services, provided two programmers who Integrate Technologies, in turn, used on city computers under its ACS contract. Those invoices show outstanding payments owed between November 2006 and this February, when Karri said he severed his relationship with French and ACS. City Councilwoman Carol Chumney, who was among those who received Karri’s e-mail and who has explored French’s city subcontracting role in the past,

2006 The City of Memphis awarded a $42.1 million contract for outsourcing the Division of Information Systems to Systems and Computer Technology Corporation (SCT), ending a ten-month search. Mayor Herenton announced the decision to City Council members Tuesday in a session marked by unusual secrecy plus some heated remarks from Councilman Janet Hooks. SCT, a publicly traded company headquartered in Malvern, Pa., won the bid over Electonic Data Systems and Affiliated Computer Services. Herenton said a key factor was SCT’s commitment to award 10 percent of professional services contracts and 50 percent of vendor contracts to “certified minority vendors.” The seven-year contract should be finalized next month, according to City Finance and Administration Director Roland McElrath. In late 2000, just prior to the City awarding the IT outsourcing contract, Reginald French purchased Associated Softworks (ASW) from Ronald Jung for roughly $100,000 and Jung sued French claiming French funneled company money to start a new IT firm called Integrate Technologies. There is the Oracle contract on top of the ACS contract. The first part of this was purchased in 2004 and was supposed to cost $7.2 million. Carol Chumney questioned the nine million dollar city deal to buy Oracle software that sent a two-million dollar commission to French.

Click here to read the fax from Carlee McCullough to Lillie Alford demanding immediate approval for Integrate Technologies (Reginald French) so he could get a contract that was already approved.
Click here to read about Reginald French’s technical qualifications to handle a technical contract with the City of Memphis.

Reginald French believes that making our neighborhoods more secure is a goal that every Shelby County citizen shares. He believes that we should bring police and citizens together to fight crime. French’s vision of community policing is grounded in the belief that community-oriented problem solving is a two-way street. French supports hiring more deputy sheriffs and working to keep them on staff he plans to increase retention and morale through incentive programs. French wants to grasp and utilize that interest, therefore deeming all accountable for the safety of the community. French’s stance regarding gangs is clear: gangs and gang activities will not be tolerated in Memphis and Shelby County. His aim is to inundate said communities with prevention, intervention and youth programs, and to get illegal guns off the street as a long term deterrent to violent crimes. Frecnch openly embraces this approach, believing that utilization of technology, specifically a Real Time Crime Center, would prove beneficial in crime reduction.

French says he’s the person for the top job in the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. French says “I think people are looking for a change, someone who can bring a new vision to law enforcement.” Unlike other candidates, French has not worked for the sheriff’s office. French says those issues have not come up during this campaign. French says “I think the voters are focused on what I can do, and what is my plan for reducing crime. So believe it or not it never comes up.” More recently French has had financial problems. He filed for bankruptcy last year. French blames the economy for that. French says “After owning a company for 10 to 12 years there’s going to be an issue here and there. I am no different than anyone else.” If elected he says he has new ideas for Shelby County. French says he wants to attack the gang problem, reduce the number of repeat offenders, and put more deputies back in the community. French says with so many of his competitors working for the sheriff’s office, being an outsider gives him the advantage. French says “I go there without any I.O.U’s. A total independent and I believe that will be a major asset for the voters.”

To read more about French’s experience and plans for the sheriff’s office, click here:

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