Beale Street is just not what it use to be. I remember twenty-five plus years ago when I would ride through looking for familiar faces on a Monday night. Walking to Handy Park and eating at Alfred’s. Those days of glory are now replaced with people fighting in the streets, shootings, panhandlers, and high parking prices. For three years I worked at one of the offices on Beale St. and witnessed many problems on that street. The main problem with Beale St is the uncontrollable teens and young disrespectful adults. Another problem is the PLUSH CLUB, no matter what club was at that corner, Beale and Fourth, it was a problem.

If you haven’t heard the latest news about the Plush Club, I’ll fill you in. It doesn’t matter inside or outside; the Plush Club is a problem. The club can hold 850, most of the time it’s events held by young blacks, I’ll say no more about that. The Plush has 20 to 25 security guards on staff and police patrols are everywhere. Every time there is an incident on Beale St. people always say, “down the street at the Plush.”

Nearly 100 people were involved in a brawl outside Plush around 2:30 a.m. Monday. Four police officers were injured trying to control the crowd after security threw a large crowd out for fighting inside the club. Tony Jones, 21, and Corey Jones, 23, was both charged with Inciting of a Riot and Disorderly Conduct. Travis Jackson, 22, was charged with Inciting of a Riot, Disorderly Conduct, and Public Intoxication. Antonio Inniss, 20, was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Simple Assault.

Travis Jackson refused to leave, yelling at policemen, “Bring it on … ” The police battened his ass, even after he was restrained, he kept fighting, leading police to handcuff him and hold him on the ground.

Tony Jones who tried to fight police but was eventually tackled to the ground.

Corey Jones did give some officers a night’s work by kicking their ass. The only way he was stopped was by a blackjack to the back of the head.

Antonio Inniss grabbed something and hit one officer in the hand, then struck another officer in the arm, causing “deep cuts and abrasions.” He then got his ass kicked. To sum it up, If you were a visitor and on Beale St. you got your money’s worth of entertainment,  MEMPHIS STYLE being that Forbes ranks Memphis second most dangerous city in America.

What else has happened at PLUSH? On July 5, 2009, a gunman opened fire on a large crowd outside the club, wounding five, at least one critically. The five teenagers were rushed to the hospital after shots were fired just yards from the Plush Club on Beale Street. Three of them were shot. Bullet fragments hit the others. Just after Midnight people ended up by the Plush Club. They started fighting, and then gunshots were heard.

In September 5, 2007, Sophomore Sean Taggert and freshman Jeff Robinson were both arrested at the Plush Club. These two were University of Memphis basketball players, they get special treatment. They were arrested on misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and inciting to riot. Robinson was also charged with assault after he approached an officer with his fists raised. Charges were later dropped, but heir punishment was, the team will not be allowed to go to any club that serves alcohol and will also have to adhere to a curfew 7 days a week.

May 22, 2006, three people were injured inside the club during a shooting at a birthday party for local rapper Yo Gotti. Gotti was celebrating his birthday and the May 23rd release of his album Back 2 Da Basics at the Plush Club, around 3:00 a.m. two large groups of men were apparently arguing before the shooting. A single shot was fired inside the back of the club, somehow managing to injure three people, a man and two women. Over 500 people were in the Plush Club when the shooting took place.

In May 1993, 16-year-old Darren Brewster was killed inside the club.

In 1992, Kevin Wade, 21, and Harold Williams, 18, was shot to death outside the club.

Remember Denim & Diamonds on Mendenhall? Crystal Palace skating Rink on Third? Well let me introduce The PLUSH CLUB on BEALE ST.


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