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Two police officers were fatally shot and another two were wounded Thursday in two separate shootings allegedly by the same suspects in West Memphis, AR. I was watching one of the judge shows when the text started scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Then channel 5 did the breaking news, showing the interstates closed. Then the footage of the van in the Walmart parking lot was broadcased.

RAW VIDEO: Chopper 5 over the shootout

It’s rare that something like this happens in W. Memphis and broadcased live. West Memphis patrolman Bill Evans made a traffic stop on a white minivan traveling eastbound on I-40 at Airport Road, Sgt. Brandon Paudert arrived on the scene as backup. Officer Evans was tackled to the ground by one of the suspects as they started shooting at both officers. Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, the son of West Memphis’ police chief, died at the scene and Officer Bill Evans, 38, died at a hospital. The suspects then fled, driving east in the minivan, leaving one man dead and the other fatally wounded. Within minutes, officers from other agencies including the Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission began to converge on the area, looking for the suspects. About 90 minutes later, a tip came from a person listening to a scanner apt on a iphone, that a minivan believed to be the one that had been seen leaving the shooting site was spotted in a parking lot of a nearby Wal-Mart. The minivan was approached by Crittenden County Sheriff Dick Busby and Chief Enforcement Officer W.A. Wren. Both men were wounded in a gunbattle initiated by the suspects, who were using a long rifle and a handgun. The gunbattle ended after a wildlife officer in his state truck rammed the suspect vehicle, preventing an exit of the suspects,” who were killed.

Suspects’ van tied to Ohio church

Both wounded officers were taken to Regional Medical Center at Memphis. Busby was listed in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Wren was shot multiple times in the stomach, and was listed in critical condition. Many questions are floating around about the reason of the traffic stop. Those living in the I-40 area know how drugs travel on this interstate. Looking at the video I had to ask, did the suspects know where they were? If you don’t know your way around W. Memphis, you will get stuck in a parking lot somewhere trying to figure a way out. I believe this is the reason the van was located, they got lost in the W. Memphis MAZE. I was proud to see the support of the Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff Department as they located at the MED for the downed officers. To all officers, be careful and take care.

Memphis, let’s pray for the families of these officers.

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  1. Missimer says:

    […] 2 police officers fatally shot in West Memphis, Arkansas – CNN.com … […]

  2. […] 2 police officers fatally shot in West Memphis, Arkansas – CNN.com … […]

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