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The top athletic earners for 2010, as added up by Sports Illustrated:

10. Dwyane Wade — Basketball — Miami Heat
Salary: $15.78 million
Endorsements: $12 million
Total: $27.78 million
Dwyane Wade has been one of the most marketable and successful stars in the NBA for the past seven years. Despite the fact “D-Wade” took a pay cut to lure fellow stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh to South Beach, he should make up for it in endorsement earnings. Wade has won an NBA title and made six All-Star teams, leading to sponsorship deals with T-Mobile and Gatorade, among other companies.

9. Peyton Manning — Football — Indianapolis Colts
Salary: $15.8 million
Endorsements: $15 million
Total: $30.8 million
The best quarterback in the NFL is also the league’s highest-grossing player. Peyton Manning, the 34-year-old Indianapolis Colts signal-caller, has led his team to one Super Bowl victory while earning four MVP awards and ten Pro Bowl appearances. Manning is renowned for his ability to read defenses and make quick decisions to adjust plays and find open receivers. He’s also the NFL’s most marketable player. His deadpan tone and southern drawl make him an appealing choice for TV ads for companies like Sprint and Sony, and he was a huge hit on sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live.


We have all been there before – our precious cell phone has suddenly gone missing and we have no idea where it is.  We do a quick check of all the places that we normally put it; it is not there.  We then try and rehash every event from the time we last remember having our mobile phone to the time when we first noticed that it was missing.  We try calling our cell phone in the hope that the ringer is on and that it is going to be somewhere nearby.  But when all of this fails us, we are left worrying about where our phone is and we have no way to find it other than hoping that some switch will flip in our brain and we will all of a sudden “remember” exactly where it is.

How can we increase the likelihood of actually finding a lost cell phone? GPS tracking!

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System and is a series of satellites that emit a radio signal that can be read by specialized GPS receivers. These receivers then use the information encoded in these radio signals to do a little math called trilateration which will then ‘inform’ the GPS device of its exact location on the globe. This is the way that all GPS device work from navigation GPS to marine GPS.

GPS tracking can begin to occur when the position information is either gathered by the device and stored locally or is sent out from the device so that real time GPS tracking can occur. Cell phone GPS tracking is of the second variety, and this is a key fact if it is to be used to help a person find their lost cell phone.


Memphis has made the news twice for in this report. Memphis is ranked 12th and 19th among the National 25 most dangerous neighborhoods. For the second year in a row, using exclusive data developed by Dr. Andrew Schiller’s team at, and based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, WalletPop reveals the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods with the highest predicted rates of violent crime in America.

“Sou Memfis,” yeah over there by South Gate, Riverview, Flordia and S. Parkway, Flordia and Beltz, Fay and Kansas, Kansas and S. Parkway, SWIFT! hell….the dame HOOD! Well you made it 12th. I’m sure they are walking proud, with their pants “hangin lo.”  I don’t know what the hell you call the Danny Thomas area. “Them be some crazy Mutha Fuc#$@$,” down there. This is where they kick your ass out of jail (201 popular) and you walk to the homeless shelter at the corner, Danny Thomas and Popular, and hang out at the KFC and Exxon. The crime comes from when a victim of crime waits for the suspect to be released, then they kick his/her ass. See, we don’t keep people in jail, they’re out in three hours. Did I mention, it’s not to far from The PLUSH CLUB, Beale Street’s Nightmare

This year, Chicago took the not-so coveted top spot from Cincinnati for the most dangerous neighborhood, while Atlanta has the highest number of neighborhoods making the list (four).

You may ask, why neighborhoods and not cities? Schiller explains that even the cities with the highest crime rates can have relatively safe neighborhoods, and thus it is less useful to generalize about an entire city.

Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

1. Chicago, Ill.
Neighborhood: W. Lake St.
Found within ZIP code: 60612
Predicted annual violent crimes: 297
Violent crime rate (per 1,000): 257.72
My chances of becoming a victim here (in one year): 1 in 4
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2. Cleveland, Ohio
Neighborhood: Scovill Ave.
Found within ZIP code: 44104
Predicted annual violent crimes: 307
Violent crime rate (per 1,000): 165.56
My chances of becoming a victim here (in one year): 1 in 6
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