Tired of looking at all those Facebook Invites and Events everytime you log-in your Facebook Account. Facebook applications and events are third party applications which any user can use and recommend to friends. While some of the Facebook applications are  useful, most of them are not at all required on a daily basis. If you accept all the application invites from Facebook friends, they can really clutter up your news feed as well as your profile wall.

The problem with Facebook applications is when friends start sending you Application invites and Event invites in which you have no interest. We have earlier discussed how to block Facebook applications from your news feed, so that you can block all application invites in one click.

In case, you want to block Facebook application invites and event invites from specific Facebook friends, here are the steps that needs to be done:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and click the “Account” dropdown.

2. This will open the “Privacy settings”page where you can customize different settings related with your Facebook profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “Block Lists”, as shown below:

Block Application invites from Facebook friends

3. In the following page, go to the “Block Application invites” section and enter the name of the friend whom you want to block.

Block Facebook Application Invites

That’s it, you have just blocked a specific Facebook friend from sending you Application, Game, Event and other third party invitations. You can later come to this same page and remove the friend from the Unblock list.

You can also click on the Invite’s “X” and it will ask you the question, “Block Person? Ignore all requests from person? you can use this method. With Events you can click on the “Respond” button it will ask the question, “Remove this event” in the bottom left corner, click on that and another window will open with the question “Ignore invites from person,” check the box and you will block all invites from that person as well.

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