Memphis In May 2012 World Championship Barbecue Results

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Nitegator

Grand Champion
Yazoo’s Delta Q

Anything but food categories

Best Booth

1st Place:   Performance Smokers
2nd Place: Swine & Dine
3rd Place:  The Moody Ques

best t-shirt

1st Place:   Modern Porkfolio Theory
2nd Place: 10 Bones BBQ
3rd Place:   Pork-O-Saurus

Piggy Idol

1st Place:   The Chi-Town Cookers
2nd Place:  Voo Doo Q
3rd Place:   The Swinos
4th Place:   Swine & Dine

wings category sponsored by frank’s red hot

Hot wings

1st Place:    Don’t Burn The Pig
2nd Place:  Right On Q
3rd Place:   Chauvinist Pig

Anything But… Categories sponsored by cattlemen’s


1st Place:    Crosstown Neighborhood BBQ
2nd Place:  Sicilian Smokers
3rd Place:   The Norwegian National Barbecue Team


1st Place:    Serial Grillers
2nd Place:   Pork-O-Saurus
3rd Place:   Slab Yo Mama BBQ


1st Place:    Meat Makers
2nd Place:  The Beef N’ The Chicken
3rd Place:   Sysco’s Cajun Cookers Too


1st Place:    Meat & Cider Cook’n Team
2nd Place:  Contempt of Pork/Nailing Down The Pork
3rd Place:   Danish National BBQ Team

tomato sauce

1st Place:    Hoggystyle
2nd Place:  Too Sauced To Pork
3rd Place:   Smok-In-Razor Backs

vinegar sauce

1st Place:    Natural Born Grillers
2nd Place:  Southern Porklore
3rd Place:   Curly Tail Smokers

mustard sauce

1st Place:   The Barbecue Experiment
2nd Place:  Pork Me Tender
3rd Place:   Pot Bellie Cookers

championship finals

patio porkers

1st Place:   Don’t Burn the Pig
2nd Place: Here for the Beer
3rd Place:  Boars R Us
4th Place:  Swiggin N Piggin


1st Place:   Red Hot Smokers
2nd Place:  People’s Republic of Swina
3rd Place:   Boardello’s

whole hog

1st Place:   Yazoo’s Delta Q
2nd Place:  Right On Q
3rd Place:   Fireman John’s BBQ


1st Place:   Natural Born Grillers
2nd Place: Serial Grillers
3rd Place:  Gnarly Wine & Swine

Kingsford Tour of Champions

1st Place:  The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint
2nd Place:  Crispy Critters
3rd Place:  Curly Tail Smokers

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